My 5 Favourite foreign Youtubers.

Since 2014 I watch a lot of YouTube video’s from different Youtubers. Before that I only used YouTube for watching music videos. I am happy that I discovered all these new youtubers Today I want to share my 5 favourite foreign Youtubers! I choose my favourite English speaking youtubers, because If I would do this blogposts with Dutch youtubers, you wouldn’t understand what they say.

Gabriella Lindley.


Gabby is my favourite youtuber and she was also the first foreign YouTuber I followed. She makes main channel videos and vlogs. I just adore her vlogs and I love her personality. I really love watching her.  I am so happy, everytime she uploads a video.

Connor Franta.


Connor is an American YouTuber, which I recently followed. The main reason I follow him is because of his style. I love it how he films his videos.

Lucy & Lydia.


I got to know Lucy & Lydia, because of they appeared in Gabby’s vlogs. Lucy & Lydia are twins who mainly do get the look videos and these videos look amazing!



Pewdiepie is just such a funny youtuber. I especially love it when Pewds films a horrorgame video. I love it how scared he is and I just can’t stop laughing. Overal his videos are very funny

Estée Lalonde.


Estée is a English youtuber, which I know for a longer time, but I recently rediscover her videos. I like her style of the video. It is very relaxing to watch her. She also makes me want to have short her, because it looks amazing.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?