Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Monday 07-09-2015

Day 4 was a very long day! I will tell you why later on. I got up around half past 5. We had to leave at 8 o’clock because our guide wanted to leave early. That day we went to Cannes and Nice.

Outfit today: Black top with shorts and my Birckstocks.

On our way to Cannes which was our first stop, the guide told us we could get a boattrip if we wanted. We said yes to that trip.
It was a trip for one hour and it was lovely to be on the boat. It was really hot and on the boat with the wind it felt really good!

DSC00346 DSC00350

DSC00354 DSC00365

DSC00376 DSC00372

After the boattrip we walked to the building were the cannes film festival are. Ofcourse we took pictures on the wrong stairs! But shttt….no one will see that haha.
It was busy in Cannes so the bus had to park outside the centre of the city.

DSC00379 DSC00382 DSC00390 DSC00402

Around the film festival building there were stones with the hands of some popular artists/actors.

Mel Gibson
Cameron Diaz
Nicole Kidman
Meryl Streep
Paul Mccartney
Sylvester Stallone
Jodie Foster
Angelina Jolie (+ my hand)

Close to that building there was an orange Lamborghini with a German license plate.

DSC00402 DSC00399

When we saw it was almost time to go we quickly got ourself some lunch. Then the bus picked us up near the building from the film festival. Then we got the tourist route to Nice!

In Nice we only got 1,5 hour and the guide was walking with us to some buildings. Just as in Cannes the bus had to park outside the centre and he let us out in the centre.

DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00406 20150907_163235

We walking to some old monuments and then we had a little bit of free time. I saw in the window that the store had some macarons. I really couldn’t resist that eventhought they were expensive! I had 4 different savours, Vanille, Cocos, Amande and Caffe. They tasted amazing.


Also some random guy wanted to draw me and he said it was for free and so he drawed me. When he was finished he asked 15 euros for it, but when I said no, he said 10 euros. I again said no and I left. I found it to much for that drawing. I didn’t even like.


And then It was time to get back to the hotel. We got into the bus around 5. We took again the tourist route to Monaco. We saw a lot of the sea and buildings. They also showed us where the place was where Grace Kelly got her caraccident and passed away.



When we wanted to go on the highway in Monaco, it was closed. We didn’t know why, so the bus had to drive to the next town to get on the highway. That was easy we thought, but not only us had to go there. Every car which wanted to go on the highway had to go to that town called: Ventimiglia. Also the bus is not like a car, it is a bit bigger and with all the small streets and cars it wasn’t easy. Especially when the French and Italian people drive crazy. Some of them really do not care about their car or something. We were in  a traffic jam

20150907_172300 20150907_172534

Later on we saw that there was fire in the woods on the mountains and the airplanes and helicopters were trying to end the fire. They did it with seawater and everytime the plane was empty or the bag they went to the sea to get new water. It was really impressiven to see.

After 4,5 hours we were finally back at our hotel. Quickly went to our room and then back to get some diner. They also served Tiramisu!


That day we were lucky that we didn’t went on the highway in Nice. Otherways we were stuck on the highway and we would have been there a long time. We heard on thursday from our guide that other busses had been stuck on the highway after midnight and thursday was the highway closed again, because the fire started again.

The busdriver did a good job in that traffic jam!