Travel Wishlist #3

It has been a while since I updated my travelwishlist on here! I haven’t visted any of the places I wrote about before, but I am pretty sure I will visit one of those places this year. If you want to read part 1 & 2 click here for part 1 and click  here for part 2.

The first city I added to my wishlist is Copenhagen. I wanted to visit Copenhagen for a long time now, but I totally forgot about it! I find Copenhagen beautiful and because Sweden is really close you could easily visit both Denmark and Sweden. I especially adore the haven of Copenhagen. With these beautiful buildings.

As you all know I love London, but there is an other city in the uk that I would love to visit. This city is near the sea and it is called Brighton. I would love to visit this city, because it is near the sea and it looks so amazing. Thanks to Gabby, I know this city.

And last but not least I want to visit Budapest. I heard so many good things about Budapest that it made me want to go there! I am so curious how it looks like and if I will like it! I know that they probably will speak English, there but the hungarian language will be a problem. Because sometimes I can reqonize some words, but with Hungarian I have no clue what they say.




Last week I went to London for 4 days and I had an amazing time in my favourite city. Today I will show you London in pictures.

We travelled by bus and by boat to London. On our first day we went to a place called Canterbury, because if we would arrive in London it would have been Rush hour and then there wasn’t enough time.

The hotel we were at was not in London, but in Stevenage. It was a ibis styles hotel.

The weather in London was really nice, we had a lot of sun. The last two days were very windy but that was because there was a storm ahead of us. Gladly we drove home before the storm really hit London.

We did some sightseeing and also a lot of shopping. Atleast I did a lot of shopping, maybe a little bit to much. But sometimes you just have to give yourself some presents.

There are a lot of squirrels in St.James park and I managed to take a picture of one of them. These pictures turned out to be my favourite of the whole trip.

Isn’t the squirrel cute!

We also went to see the White Riffs, but the weather was pretty bad. I just got out of the bus very quick and took some pictures.



My favourite vacation pictures.

My favourite vacation pictures.

I love travelling a lot and I always make a lot of pictures when I am on vacation. Today I want to share them with you, my favourite vacation pictures. I choosed between the pictures from 4 vacations. As you will notice the quality of the pictures will get better every year. Enjoy!

Croatia 2010


This picture was actually a fail, but it turned out pretty good! I still love this picture. There was my hair still blonde as you notice! This picture is from Rovinj


This one looks really bright, but this pictures has been my favourite since ages. This picture  is from Rovinj.

This picture was taken from a boat and I can’t remember where it was. It was near Rovinj and Vrsar.

Croatia 2012

Kroatie Camera Fiona 020

This is Porec and I have travelled twice to Porec.

Kroatie Camera Fiona 037

Two years later I visited Rovinj again and it felt like coming home! I used to call this town my second home.

Kroatie Camera Fiona 043

My best sunset picture.

London 2014


The Tower Bridge!


The London Eye & The Big Ben. London is definitly my favourite city in the whole world. Next month I am going 4 days to London!

2014-08-22 18.01.40

Another Picture from the Big Ben. I love this picture really much and this was taken by my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). This is my favourite London picture of all.


A tourist picture with the Big Ben.


I don’t know why but I really love this metro picture.

Italy 2015

You probably have seen some of these pictures in my travel plog and that is why I decided to only take the ones I really love!


This was at a stop in beautiful France.


My highlight of the whole trip: Monaco! I really love how this picture looks and I enjoyed my time in Monaco a lot!


Another picture from Monaco, taken in Monaco.


Rapallo. I also love taking pictures from boats. I think it gives a picture such a nice extra. Especially with the waves that the boat makes.


Portofino. I posted this picture on my instagram (edited).


This picture I really really love. Everything about it is just right. Do get me wrong, but normally I am so negative about pictures from myself. Nothing is right when I am negative. Credits to my dad making this picture!

What are you favourite vacation pictures and you favourite vacation!

Travel Wishlist #2

It is time for another Travel wishlist, because I added some countries onto my wishlist. Especially after I traveled to Italy, because I am really curious about some other cities in that country.


The first city I added to my travel wishlist is a city that I visited on my vacation. It is Milan. I just have been there for two hours, which is to short for this beautiful city, because we only did some quick shopping. I feel like there is so much to see in Milan. In the future I want to do a citytrip to Milan.

2006-04 - France

Another city I really want to go to is Paris. I went to Paris when I was a kid, but it was for Disneyland. Now I really want to see Paris itself. I really want to see the Eiffeltower, Arc De Triomphe and the Louvre. I also want to try macarons in Paris. The only thing that I can’t do is speak French, my french is not that good..


This place I saw on the Dutch Television, it is called the Azores. The Azores belong to Portugal, but the Azores are Islands. When I saw this on Dutch television, how beautiful it was, I really needed to know where the Azores were. This is the most recent place I added to my wishlist. When I will go to the Azores I want to visit all the Islands!


Last but not least I really want to visit Australia. I really would love to see this country! But I have to get over my flying fear, before I can go. I really want to see the nature and I want to see Sydney!

Which place you want to visit?

I am going on vacation to ….

Hey guys,

In December I am going back to London! I’m so happy about that, because London is my favourite city in the world and my mom is going with me.

2014-08-21 15.39.21
The Tower Bridge

Shopping in London is one of the things we are going to do, but there is one store I really need to visit is: Lush Oxford Street. When Lush opened at Oxford Street, I was really happy. When I went to London last year, I wanted to go to Lush, but I couldn’t find one.

2014-08-22 12.57.18
Picadilly Circus

I also will do some sightseeing like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower Bridge etc.

2014-08-22 17.23.02
London Eye

I am going to plog while I am in London and maybe I will vlog to! London, see you soon!



Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Wednesday 09-09-2015

After our day off it was time to go on an excursion again! Today it is time for Rapallo and Portofino.

Outfit today: Blue printed top, shorts and my Birckenstocks.


The day started around half past 6 and we had our breakfast at 8 o’clock. At 9 o’clock it was time to leave to Rapallo. It was a 2 hour drive to Rapallo and on our way to Rapallo we drove past Genova.

DSC00416 DSC00419

We arrived at 11 in Rapallo and then we walked to the boulevard. We had to be at the restaurant at half past 12. The restaurant was called Amici Miei. We decided that we wanted to walk at the boulevard until it was time to get our lunch. It was very warm that day and I really felt like swimming, but I left my bikini at the hotel. The cocktail was still working on me and together with the sun, I felt bad.

DSC00420 DSC00421

Then it was time to go to the restaurant. I ordered Lasagna and it tasted so so good! I wish I knew the recipe. One of the waiters wanted to have a picture with my mom and a woman from our bus, because they both had the same dress in the same colour. Then he wanted to go a picture with me to. While an other waiter was dancing with me.

DSC00424 20150909_124809

After lunch we had to go on the boat to Portofino, while waiting for the boat I saw they sold some bags. Unfortunaly there was no time to get the bag that I wanted.


It was really refreshing to be on a boat. A bit of wind felt great after being so hot.

DSC00428 DSC00433

When we arrived at Portofino we had some free time. First we walked to the stores to buy some souvenirs and then we walked back to the water and we sat down for a while. I put my feet into the water, which was cold. But at that moment it felt great.

DSC00445 DSC00453

After sitting there for a while, we saw a pretty huge boat coming to Portofino. So we ran to the other side of Portofino and we wanted to know who was on the boat. Sadly we didn’t solve that mystery, because it was time to go back again. Back in Rapallo, we had to take a train back to the bus. Only the whole bus didn’t fit at once, so we had to wait. The guys with the bags were still standing there, I took my chance and bought a bag. My mom bought one to, only a smaller one than me.

The train arrived a bit later and we got on that train. Every time the train hooted everyone started waving and screaming. It was really funny and some people in the street looked angry at us. The train also made 3 rounds around the roundabout. After a 20 minute ride, we were back at the bus.

DSC00449 DSC00454

After diner, we decided to have a relax evening and went to a restaurant near our hotel to get something to drink. I got an ice cream and a latte machiatto.

20150909_214942 DSC00457

That was the end of day 6!

Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Tuesday 08-09-2015

This day started around half past 7. The longest time we could sleep this week. It is also the day that I didn’t make much pictures, because we didn’t do much.

Outfit today: Blue printed top with shorts and birckenstock in the morning. For swimming I had a playsuit and evening a coral dress.

After breakfast we went to the centre of Diano Marina, because there was a market with clothes, jewellry, shoes, bags, etc. It was a 15 minute walk to the centre.

The first thing I bought was a selfie stick. I said I never buy one of these things, but I found out it was kinda handy! I didn’t use it at much. I also bought a dress, pictures of this dress will follow in my shoplog.

20150908_130059 20150908_130045

After we walked on the market, we went into the city to go ourselfs some lunch. Together with a couple from our bus. After the lunch we went back to our hotel and I changed into a bikini for swimming.


The rest of the day we were at the swimming pool until 6 o’clock. After that I changed into a dress for diner.


After diner we walked on the boulevard.

DSC00407 DSCF1275

When we came back from walking, I decided that I would get a cocktail called Frozen Pineapple Magaritha. The cocktail was a bit to strong for me, because there was to much tequila in the cocktail. When we walked back to the hotel room, I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I learned my lesson and didn’t take a cocktail in the hotel anymore.


It was a very relaxed day and after yesterday it was good that we have a day off! Tomorrow the blogpost from Rapallo and Portofino will be up!