Throwback: Music #2

Last week you could read the first part of my throwback, if you haven’t read it yet and you want to read it, then click here. Today I have 5 artists for you!



This is a Dutch band from Volendam. The members are Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Jan De Witte. When I still listened to them Jaap De Witte was a membe and Jan De Witte wasn’t. I have been to a concert once and in 2011 they got selected to go to The Eurovision Song Contest. But their performance was bad. Everytime the camera zoomed in, they looked away from the camera, their song was in English, which I didn’t like. I wished they kept the song in Dutch. After they failed to reach the final, I stopped listening to them.

My favourite song: Geloven in het leven.



Another Dutch band called Di-rect, Jamie, Tim, Spike and Bas were the members back then when I still listened to them. Since Tim left the band and Marcel replaced him, I stopped listening to them. I think because I prefer Tim and his voice.

My favourite song: Hungry For Love.



I think everybody knows who Cascada is and most of you probably listened to Cascada. I really loved her older songs, like Miracle and Everytime We Touch. I can’t remember which year I stopped listening to her, but in 2013 she participated at the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany with her song Glorious. She became 21st.

My favourite song: Miracle.

Enrique Iglesias.


The first song I heard from Enrique was Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song). After that I was addicted and I believe that I had this song on repeat a lot! But this song isn’t my favourite song. I have been listening to Enrique the longest of all the artists I mentioned today.

My Favourite song: Tired Of Being Sorry

The Wanted.


The Wanted has a song called All Time Low and when I was searching a song from my favourite band All Time Low, I saw their song. After listening to that song, I wanted to listen to more of their songs and that is how I got to know The Wanted. In 2014 the band announced that they would be taking a hiatus after their current tour.

My favourite song: Glad You Came.


Throwback: Music #1

Today I have a throwback for you. This throwback is about the music I used to listen a few years ago. Most of the music is from bands and sadly most of the broke up. That is also the main reason why I don’t listen to these bands anymore. This is part 1 because I still can remember more music that I listened to.

Nick & Simon.


Nick & Simon are two Dutch men and they are from a town Called Volendam. They mostly sing in Dutch and I listened to them around 2008 till 2011. I have been to a concert twice, close to where I live. My music taste changed a lot the past few years and that is the main reason why I don’t listen to them anymore. It doesn’t suit my music taste anymore.

My favourite song is: Pak Maar M’n Hand.

A Silent Express.


This band is also Dutch and they are from Heereveen. Their music is in English and I have been a few times to a concert of them. The stage the played a lot was called The Fenix. One time my friend and I were allowed backstage which was amazing. The bandmembers were Rik, Dirk, Sanne and Henk Jan. I listened to them between 2010 and 2012. After this time I haven’t heard anything about them.

My favourite song is: Will I Be Around

Cinema Bizarre


Cinema Bizarre was a german band, which doesn’t excist anymore. They were from Berlin and the bandmembers were Strify, Kiro, Yu, Luminor & Shin. I listened to this band between 2008 and 2011. In 2010 they announced that they would break up and I have never been to a concert.

My favourite song is: Escape To The Stars.



US5 was band which mostly was in Germany, but the bandmembers were from different countries and US5 changed a lot with their bandmembers. The band started with these members: Richie (USA), Izzy (USA), Jay (UK/GER), Mikel (GER) and Chris (GER). In 2007 Mikel left the band en Vincent (USA) was the new guy. I listened to US5 since 2007. In 2008 Chris left and after this it went downhill very fast. So in 2010 they decided to break up. It was better of everyone. I still hope they will come back someday, but I don’t think this will ever happen.

My favourite song is: The Boys Are Back.



Before my love for Eurovision started, I was a D’nash fan. D’nash ment everything to me and I listened to them everday. D’nash is a Spanish band which I have been listening to since 2007 after Eurovision 2007. The bandmembers were: Ony, Mikel, Basty &  Javi. In 2008 Ony left the band and sadly they split in 2013. Javi started a solo career.

My favourite song is: Donde Estas.



I have been listening to AC/DC since I can remember it. AC/DC is an Australian band. I can remember that I asked my dad to get the AC/DC music out of his car after he had an car accident (nothing bad happend with him). I was really a big fan.

My favourite song is: Highway To Hell.

Which music did you listen to when you were younger?

Stay Tuned For Part 2!