Why did I get a Tattoo?

As some of you already know, I recently got a musical note tattoo on my wrist. Since I got it, I got some questions about why I got this tattoo. I also got compliments how this tattoo suits me and today I will tell you about why I got this tattoo

I always knew my tattoo would be about music. First of all I thought I would get a bandtattoo from my favourite band, but what if in a few years I don’t like this band anymore? I would stuck with a tattoo, I didn’t like! Then I came up with this musical note.
My next problem was where do I put it? Behind my ear, where I couldn’t see it? On my wrist, so everyone could see it? Or on my foot?
After thinking about it, I finally decided to get it on my wrist. It was the most beautiful place to put it.

But now why a musical note? Do I play an instrument?
No I don’t play an instrument. Music has always been my driving force! It helped me through some bad periodes of my life. If I am feeling down or I feel like giving up, music gets me on my feet again! It literally helps me through everything. If I want to clear my mind, I just put music on. Music means everything to me and that is why I got this tattoo.
The thing that means the most to me is always with me now!

I am also thinking about maybe a second tattoo, but that is for in the future.
Would you get a tattoo? If yes, what kind of and where?