Vacation Italy day 2: Road To Italy.

Vacation Italy day 2: Road To Italy.

Saturday 05-09-2015

Hello Everyone,

My second day started around half past 5. I immediatly went showering. We had breakfast at 7 o’clock, so I had plenty of time to get read.
Todays outfit: my adidas sneakers , a grey t-shirt and long jeans. It is comfy enough for another day in the bus.

After breakfast I went back to the room to pack the last things and then it was already time to leave again.


The bus was heading to Switzerland and we drove throught Basel! Which was stunning to see! We are driving to the largest tunnel of Europe: which is 17 km long. It is called the Gotthard Tunnel. They only let in a few cars, busses and trucks every time and that is the result that there is always a traffic jam!

DSC00290 DSC00293

On our way to that tunnel we saw a lot of mountains and a huge lake
Around 12 o’clock we have an hour of free time to get us some lunch. I really wanted pie, so I got myself bread and a piece of pie!

20150905_122043 20150905_122216

Around 1 o’clock we drive further into Switzerland. On our way to the Italian border!

20150905_135629 20150905_135934
One hour later we arrived in Italy, when we were to go pay toll, but the barrier wouldn’t open, so the busdriver had to drive back and change the line. After a 30 minute delay we finally got through.


We had to stop around 3 and the weather is so so nice! I can’t wait to get in my summer clothes. We went from 13 degrees to 18 to 25 degrees.


The landscape went from flat to mountains. The highway was high above the ground. The landscape was so beautiful. You could see the sea which was beautiful.

And then finally we arrived at our hotel in Diano Marina around 7. We had an half hour to get ready for dinner. I just took a different shirt, did my hair in a ponytail and we went downstairs.

Our hotel

2015-09-11 17.01.12

After dinner we walked to the city. This was the last weekend that the Italian people had vacation. So it was very busy in the town. All the stores were open, but it was to busy to look properly.

Trying to take pictures at night, isn’t that easy

The wifi in this hotel was really bad. The wifi was slow or I didn’t work at all,