Shoplog Vacation Italy

Shoplog Vacation Italy


As promised I will give you today a shoplog from my vacation in Italy. I shopped some clothes and souvenirs at small shops or at the market. I also shopped at Kiko, Lush, Yves Rocher and Bershka. I will start with the clothing, after that  Nivea, Yves Rocher, Kiko and Lush. And last but not least the souvenirs! I will not write what everything costed, because I can’t remember the prices.


DSC00600 DSC00601

The Winterjacket and this t-shirt are from Bershka. I really needed a new winterjacket. When I tried this one it really looked nice on me.

The  T-shirt I really like, because of the text “Take Me To The Moon.”


This sweater I bought in a store in Diano Marina. I actually was looking for jeans, but as they were to small or I just didn’t like them. I only got this sweater. People from the bus said: Why are you buying Paris in Italy? Which  made me laugh.


My favourite clothing item of all! I bought this on the market on Tuesday and I really love this dress. First of all it is long enough and it fits perfectly! The color is amazing to.



I bought two perfumes this trip, which is strange for me. I almost never buy two perfumes. I bought a fake Lady Million perfume and a fake Dolce and Gabanna perfume. They weren’t expensive and I really liked the smell of both of them. I don’t know which one is which on the picture.

Nivea & Yves Rocher.


In Milan there was a nivea bus, which gave you a free trip around the city, we didn’t take that bus, because of the lack of time. Next to the busstop there was this nivea car, which gave out some mini-products showercreme. I got 3, but I gave one to my mom.

The Yves Rocher Shampoo is for hair that gets oily easy. Try to explain that to Italian people if you don’t know the right words. I said hair that gets fat easily. Anyways this is the only product I tried so far and I don’t like the shampoo at all. It feels like my hair gets quicker oily than ever. To bad.


So I went twice to Kiko, when I was in Italy. The first time was in Genova and the second time was in Milan. I will show you first the products I bought in Genova and after that I will show you the ones from Milan.


DSC00523 DSC00522

The Luscious Cream Lipstick (513) is the lipstick with the silver package and the Mat Velvet Lipstick (612) is the one with the bronze package. One the picture both look really alike, but the Luscious cream is a bit darker than the Mat Velvet. Both lipsticks are easy to apply and stay good on your lips. I prefer the Luscious Cream one, because it doesn’t make your lips feeling dry.


DSC00526 DSC00525

The two eyeshadows are from the same range, the infinity range. I bought a grey one (271) and a brown one (212) Both have a bit of glitter in the color but you don’t see that as good when you put them on.


Because I really liked the Luscious cream lipstick, I bought a new one in Milan. This one is a red one (509). I haven’t tried it yet, but I am saving it for special occasions. The nailpolish (859) really made me think of Christmas and I didn’t have a color like this.


Ofcourse I have to go to Lush when I am in a different country. Lush is my new addiction. Not only the bathbombs but also the showergels, cleansers and hairproducts. The only thing that I don’t like is that everything is in Italian. But hey we all know how a bath bomb and showergel works, right?

DSC00577 DSC00578

Beautiful Showergel, I really love this scent. It is amazing and look at all the glitters! Disclaimer: there won’t be any glitter on your skin when you showered.

The other bottle is tea tree water, mine is almost empty and I am not expecting to be in a Lush soon I took this with me.

DSC00579 DSC00580

Thank god, it’s Friday. That is the name of the bathbomb and the main reason I took this bath bomb to try. I love the name, I actually should use it on a friday! Bath bombs are my favourite thing ever from lush. If you haven’t tried it and you have a bath, go try it! It is amazing.


I also got a free product that I choose myself. I choose a hairmask and as it is in Italian I can’t remember what it is.

Souvenirs & Jewellry.


From every country I visit I want to have a card for myself. I didn’t took from every city I have been to.


Magnets, the one from Italy and Genova were just 1 euro and they are so cute! It is something different then just a card. Especially the one from Genova, I love dolphins. The mask I bought in Milan, I wanted a bigger one, but I really didn’t know where to place it.


A Monaco snowglobe, I really wanted to have something special from Monaco and this snowglobe looks so cute together with my London one.


My I love Croatia keychain broke and I wanted a replacement. As I didn’t have a souvernir from Switzerland yet, I took this cute one.


A Dreamcatcher, which I really wanted for a long time.


I lost my other musical note necklace and I was really sad that I lost it. When I found this one in Genova, I was really happy again. As the most know Music means everything for me

DSC00561 DSC00562

This is a bracelet, but you can also wear it as a necklace. I really wished I have an other one of these, but sadly the stand was gone when I went back.


And last but not least a Michael Kors bag, also a long wanted item! I am so happy that I found this one!

Well this was the last post of my Italian vacation! I hope you liked it. I did! And I hope my next vacation will be just as awesome as this one. Then I can make more travelblogposts, because I really like making them




Shoplog Lush

Since I heard that some of the products from Lush Oxford Street were going to different stores in Europe to I really got excited. On friday 28th of August the new Lush products were in the stores and online. I ordered some products from Lush, only 3 products from the new collection and the rest are from my wishlist!


Products from the new Lush Collection.

The Experimenter (Bath Bomb) (€5,95)


This was one of the first bath bombs I knew that was only available in London when they opened the store.  I hoped that this bath bomb would come to the Dutch stores and It did. I’m so happy.

Frozen (Bath Bomb) (€5,95)


This reminds me of the movie frozen! I was curious to have this one and I’m excited to test this one out.

Comforter Shower Cream 100g (€8,50)


I just dropped this in my online basket, because I really wanted to have a lush showergel. I don’t know what to think about the smell yet, I will find out if I like it when I am going to use it.

Other Lush Products.

Angels On Bare Skin 100g (€9,90)


My first lush cleansing product was Herbalism. And because I heard a lot of good things about Angels On Bare Skin, I really wanted to try this.

Ocean Salt Face And Body Cleanser 120g (€12,95)


My skin on face is very dry, so I wanted to have a nice scrub. I saw ocean salt and I just wanted to try it.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion 225g (€14,70)


I was really doubting if I would get this one, but when I read that it was good for people who walk a lot. I dropped it my basket. You can smell the mint very good and I can’t wait to try this one out.

Big Blue Bath Bomb (€4,95)


This bathbomb I just randomly put it in my basket. I wanted a bath bomb that I didn’t used yet, so I decided to  just pick one The Big Blue Bath Bomb didn’t survive the trip to my house, it is a bit broken but still good useable.

I also go a free sample with my order. I love free samples, not only because it is free but also it is so easy to take with you on vacation. I save my samples and use the for my vacation.


This was my lush order, I hope you like it!