September Favourites

This year is going so fast! It is already October already, the christmas stuff are already in stores. So, let’s look what are my favourite products, book, tv show and album of this month!

Favourite Products.


Angels On Bare Skin: I love this cleanser for my face, I always use it when I am showering and it makes my skin so soft. It cleanse my face very good. I even like it more as Herbalism.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion: I took this big pot with my on vacation, because I knew we had to walk a lot. Every night I applied the lotion on my feet. It is a pink substance and you can smell the mint very good. It cools down my feet and when I woke up in the morning, my feet didn’t hurt that much from walking.

The Comforter Showergel: When I first smelled this showergel in the bottle, I didn’t like it very much. Until I actually tried it while showering. The smell is really heavy, but it reminds me of candy and I really like it! This is now my favourite showergel I ever tried.

S-Quito Free: This product I bought in Germany for my vacation, because I always get stung by mosquitos. The first days I was on vacation I didn’t use it and that was wrong. I got mosquitos bites everywere. So after that I used it every morning and evening. And it worked! I didn’t get stung by mosquitos until I forgot to use it.

DSC00607 DSC00610

This month I only have 2 make-up favourites, that I bought in Italy. These two make-up products are from Kiko.

Luscious Cream Lipstick 513: I was wearing this lipstick on the last evening in Italy and I really love the color of this lipstick. Also it survived dinner and some drinks. The Luscious Cream Lipsticks are really hydrating for your lips and that I really like.

Eyeshadow Brown 212: I am using this eyeshadow almost everyday and I really love the pigment of this color.

Book Of The Month.


Independent Study (or in dutch; De studie). This is the second book of The testing trilogy and I finished it in one day. It reads so good and the book got me since the first the page. I was still on vacation when I finished it and when I had proper wifi I orderd myself the last book, because I really want to know how the story ends!

Tv Show Of The Month. 

And my favourite tv show of this month is… Orange Is The New Black!


This tv show is so amazing! I absolutly love it. I also put this tv show in my 5 favourite netflix tv shows! I’m currently watching season 2 and every episode just keep getting better and better.

Album Of The Month.


Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit.

Since I heard Throne, I couldn’t wait for this album and now that it out it didn’t dissapoint me at all! This album is so good and ofcourse is Throne my favourite song of their album, but there are also other good songs it. One of the songs I played a lot last month was: True Friends.




Music Of The Month: September

Music Of The Month: September


It is time again for Music Of The Month. I listened to music more this month, because on my vacation I traveled a lot. So I listened to music more. So let’s see what kind of music I played a lot this month.


Simple Plan – Boom.

I was really happy when I heard that Simple Plan was coming back! When the videoclip was released I played it a lot. The song is just amazing and it makes me happy!

Of Mice And Men – Never Giving Up.

An other band I got to know by a concert. Of Mice and Men was the support act of Linkin Park last year! My first impression of them was they are good but not my thing. But the more I listened to them and learned the lyrics, the more the songs grew on me and now they belong to one of my favourite bands.

Years & Years – King.

My summer 2015 song! The first time I heard this song I was like woah this song is pretty amazing. Everytime it was on the radio, the volume got up and I started singing along with it. This song boosts my mood.

All Time Low – Runaways.

A song from my All Time favourite band! Runaways, it is from the album Future Hearts. Future Hearts is my favourite album from them and I really love when All Time Low uses a live video as their official videoclip. Runaways isn’t my favourite song from the album, but this month it is the most played song. I really love the lyrics of this song.

Bring Me The Horizon – True Friends. 

Last month I had Throne in My Music Of The Month. This month it is True Friends. Their Album is out now and I really love it! True Friends is one of the songs, just like Throne. Especially one part of the lyrics: True friends stab you in the front.

Bastille – Hangin’

After I made this blogpost and scheduled it, Bastille suddenly just released the studio version of Hangin’ I really wanted to put this one on this blogpost to, because the song is really really good! I have played it non-stop since it came out. I really hope they will announce when they finally release their new album. I’m so excited!