Vacation Italy day 1: Road To France

Vacation Italy day 1: Road To France

Friday 04-09-2015

Hi there,

When I am writing this, we are driving with the bus through Switzerland. We still have some hours to go until we arrive. When you are reading this we are already back home, because I didn’t have my laptop with me. Here is day 1 of my vacation.

My bag with all my stuff that I needed for in the bus

My day started at 5 o’clock in the morning. I went showering and put the last things in my suitcase. At 7 o’clock we had to leave our house to have a 30 minute drive to Maarheeze. Where we had to be at 8 o’clock to get in the bus. We had still 30 minutes left when we arrived.

Our bus for the whole trip

Because we only had one busdriver, we made a stop every 2 hours. Our first stop was in Luxembourg. The bus needed some fuel and in Luxembourg the fuel is cheaper than in The Netherlands.

Our second stop was around 12. We got ourself some lunch and here I made my first picture with the camera.


The third stop was already in France. The busdriver said it was a Magnum stop. This was around three.

The last stop was around 5 and we had a beautiful sight. Here I also made some pictures with my camera and my phone.

DSC00283 DSC00281

Around 6 we arrived at our overnight hotel. Novotel in Sausheim. We went to our rooms. The reviews on internet weren’t that good about this hotel, but the room was clean, 4 beds were made but we only needed 3. We had a bathroom with a bath, a lot of mirrors and a hairdryer.

20150904_181511 20150904_180348

Before we went to our dinner. I did my make-up. Our dinner was something we couldn’t choose. Which worried me a lot, but I just didn’t ate one thing: Beans.
The first dish we got was a quiche with cheese.
Then we got: chickenfilet with beans and potato gratin.
As dessert we got: a brownie, which was absolutly delicious!


After dinner I watched one episode of Orange Is The New Black and then I went to sleep.


Normally I hate going by bus, but this time I didn’t mind. The
Landscapes are so beautiful and sometimes I am annoyed that I can’t take pictures!

I will try to make more pictures but when I am on the bus most of the day it is hard to make pictures. Tomorrow we will drive to Italy and we arrive at out hotel for the next days!

See you tomorrow