Review: Making A Murderer

Review: Making A Murderer

Last week I watched the last episode of Making A Murderer and today I h will give you a review about this documentairy. At first I didn’t understand this hype about Making A Murder until I started to watch it. But first I will give you a little description about Making A Murderer.

This story is about Steven Avery, he was convicted for a sexual assult in 1985. He spent 18 years of his life in prison, innocent. After 18 years they found out that they convicted the wrong man, they found this out because of a new DNA test. In 2003 Steven was released from prison. A few years later steven is accused of the murder on Teresa Halbach. I won’t tell you more about it, because I don’t want to spoil everything.

When I saw the first episode, I was addicted right away. After every episode I was blown away and angry. I still can’t understand how everything happend, even when some thing are obvious. For example (spoiler) they said that Steven shot Teresa Halbach in the head, but there is no blood. There hasn’t been found anything and still they manage to use that in court. Sometimes I think if Steven is guilty (I don’t think so), he would be stupid to leave all the evidence on his property! I really got the idea that the Police and the court hated Avery, because it looks like they are helping each other. I also have respect for Stevens lawyers and everytime they got a little victory I was happy for them!

You really should watch this documentairy, because it makes you angry, sad, happy and you will be suprised. So if you have Netflix then go watch it ASAP! If you don’t have Netflix, then it probably will be found somewhere on the internet. I also won’t say if Steven is innocent or not.

Btw don’t google this tv show for more information or you will see spoilers about the story.


Movie Review: Insurgent


Today I will review the movie Insurgent. I just saw the movie a few days ago and I waited very long until the bluray arrived. So let’s start with some information.

Insurgent (2015)


Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, thriller.

Insurgent is the second part of The Divergent series. Warning: if you haven’t seen Divergent yet, there could be some spoilers in my review. If you don’t want to read any spoilers: Go see Divergent first!

There are five factions in Divergent: Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Candor and Amity. The story begins five days after Dauntless attacked Abnegation. Tris, Caleb, Four and Peter are hiding in Amity. Eric finds a box that contains all the images of the Factions. Janine I still searching for Tris and Four, because she blames the divergents for the attack on Abnegation. Tris and Four have to find the other people from Dauntless which are hiding somewere and make sure Janine doesn’t find them.


This movie was a great movie! I really loved it. When I read the book I was already extremly excited. I finished the book in 1 day, so when this movie came out I really wanted to see it. I love the storyline and all the visual effects they used. It got me from almost crying to being really surprised or shocked. The only thing I missed from this movie was that they didn’t show the strong relationship from Tris and Four. I wished they had done that more, but on the other side I’m glad that they didn’t use the example in the book. The ending of the movie was really different from the book, I don’t know if I like it or not. I just have to find out in the next movie: Allegiant part 1. Most of the time the second movie is less as good as the first one, but with this movie I really liked the first and the second. I can’t say which one is better, because both have their good and bad things.

I read the book first and I prefer reading the book first and then watching the movie. So if you like reading, you could also read the books. Can’t wait for the next movie!

Falling Skies

I’m currently watching Falling Skies, while I am watching I get the idea to write about this tv show. My other tv shows I watch are mostly now finished and they are filming new seasons. Falling Skies is one of the tv shows I watch, that airs in the summertime. It belongs to one of my favourite tv shows and today I will tell you why.


First aired: 2011

Seasons: 5

If anyone would ask me what Falling Skies is, I would tell them: It is The Walking Dead, but then with aliens. But people who don’t watch The Walking Dead still don’t know what it is about. The story is about an alien attack, Tom Mason and his three sons are trying to survive this attack. One of his sons is among a group which is captured by the aliens. His wife is killed in the attack. Tom joins the second mass, this group is assigned to protect the survivors. They are also trying to find out why the aliens attacked earth.

Why do I like this tv show?

First of all I like it, because it is almost like The Walking Dead (which is my ultimate favourite tv show). I love the storylines and how they use the aliens. In the later seasons you will see why the aliens are here and that there are not only bad aliens. Every season seems to get better and better. There were some parts that were really boring, but in each season you see the character grows. My favourite charachters are Hall (Son from Tom Mason) and Pope. I like Hall because since the beginning he stood always by his farther side and tried the good thing. Pope is totally different he is more the reckless guy.

Season 5 will be the last season of Falling Skies. I haven’t see the Finale yet, but I think it is the perfect time to end this tv show.

For the Dutch people, the first season is on Netflix. I don’t know if Falling Skies is available in your country on Netflix. But if you want to watch it, go check it out!