Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Wednesday 09-09-2015

After our day off it was time to go on an excursion again! Today it is time for Rapallo and Portofino.

Outfit today: Blue printed top, shorts and my Birckenstocks.


The day started around half past 6 and we had our breakfast at 8 o’clock. At 9 o’clock it was time to leave to Rapallo. It was a 2 hour drive to Rapallo and on our way to Rapallo we drove past Genova.

DSC00416 DSC00419

We arrived at 11 in Rapallo and then we walked to the boulevard. We had to be at the restaurant at half past 12. The restaurant was called Amici Miei. We decided that we wanted to walk at the boulevard until it was time to get our lunch. It was very warm that day and I really felt like swimming, but I left my bikini at the hotel. The cocktail was still working on me and together with the sun, I felt bad.

DSC00420 DSC00421

Then it was time to go to the restaurant. I ordered Lasagna and it tasted so so good! I wish I knew the recipe. One of the waiters wanted to have a picture with my mom and a woman from our bus, because they both had the same dress in the same colour. Then he wanted to go a picture with me to. While an other waiter was dancing with me.

DSC00424 20150909_124809

After lunch we had to go on the boat to Portofino, while waiting for the boat I saw they sold some bags. Unfortunaly there was no time to get the bag that I wanted.


It was really refreshing to be on a boat. A bit of wind felt great after being so hot.

DSC00428 DSC00433

When we arrived at Portofino we had some free time. First we walked to the stores to buy some souvenirs and then we walked back to the water and we sat down for a while. I put my feet into the water, which was cold. But at that moment it felt great.

DSC00445 DSC00453

After sitting there for a while, we saw a pretty huge boat coming to Portofino. So we ran to the other side of Portofino and we wanted to know who was on the boat. Sadly we didn’t solve that mystery, because it was time to go back again. Back in Rapallo, we had to take a train back to the bus. Only the whole bus didn’t fit at once, so we had to wait. The guys with the bags were still standing there, I took my chance and bought a bag. My mom bought one to, only a smaller one than me.

The train arrived a bit later and we got on that train. Every time the train hooted everyone started waving and screaming. It was really funny and some people in the street looked angry at us. The train also made 3 rounds around the roundabout. After a 20 minute ride, we were back at the bus.

DSC00449 DSC00454

After diner, we decided to have a relax evening and went to a restaurant near our hotel to get something to drink. I got an ice cream and a latte machiatto.

20150909_214942 DSC00457

That was the end of day 6!