Blog silence.

Hello Everyone,

As you noticed it has been silent around my blog. The past month I had no inspiration to write any blogposts, but since past Thursday I decided to try and start my blog again. I am mainly going to write about music, but sometimes there will be a different blogpost. I am not going to set any dates when I will upload, but I’ll let you know.

Thanks in advance!


Social Media

Social Media everyone uses social media. Just like me and that is why I wanted to let you know which social media I use, so you can add me if you want.

Twitter: @AllTimeFiona

Instagram: AllTimeFionax

Snapchat: AllTimeFiona

Facebook: I Don’t have a facebook page yet, but maybe in the future I will get a facebookpage for my blog.


Instagram favourites

Instagram favourites

Today I want to talk about my favourite instagram accounts. I have my own account on instragram and I use it a lot. Check out my profile if you want: Alltimefionax. Here are my favourite instagram accounts.

Alex Gaskarth (Alexalltimelow).


My first favourite is Alex Gaskarth. Alex is the singer from my favourite band called All Time Low. He posts a lot of tourpictures and selfies. I love seeing these kind of pictures and I stay up to date about where they are. I follow the other members from All Time Low too.

Lucy Hale (Lucyhale).


Aria is my favourite character in Pretty Little Liars and I really like Lucy. I like to see her pictures and I hope Pretty Little Liars will go on for a while. 🙂

Gabby (Velvetghost).


There she is again! Gabby is also one of my favourite instagrammers. I love how she makes selfies and she always looks beautiful! I really like her instragram theme and I am always excited when I see that she posted a picture

Lush Oxford Street (Lushoxfordstreet).


I love Lush and I am a bit addicted to Lush. Ofcourse it had to be in my instagram favourites. I choosed Lush Oxford Street, because I love their pictures and seeing new products. Sometimes it makes me sad that some products aren’t available in The Netherlands.

The Walking Dead (amcthewalkingdead).


The Walking Dead is my favourite tv show ever! To stay up to date about The Walking Dead I follow this account. The only thing I sometimes forget on Monday morning are the spoilers! On Valentines day season 6B premiered, go check the new episode out! I have seen it yesterday and I must say it was awesome! Prepare for some deaths….. zombie deaths.

Tell me you favourite accounts.

My 2015

My 2015

Can you believe it, it is the last day of the year! I can’t believe how fast this year went and I am going to miss 2015. But today I will do a throwback to this year where I learned a lot, got my first tattoo, went to Italy and London and got a rabbit.


2014-12-31 14.24.57

I started my year in the beautiful city of London. It was really nice to start my year in my favourite country. After this trip I went back to my internship and started to go to a new school.

2014-12-31 08.25.49


February was the month that actually nothing special happend. Even in my memory jar there is nothing special to tell about.


2015-03-21 20.28.45

March was really the most dissapointing month this year. On 11 march I would finally go and see All Time low and have a meet and greet with them, but my friend cancelled on Sunday before the show. I asked an other friend but she was ill. So I couldn’t go to this concert, because my parents didn’t want me to go alone. I was so dissapointed and sad, that once again I couldn’t go and see All Time Low. I had a fight with my friend and the contact broke.


I had an other concert in my agenda on march 21st and that was the Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil concert. One of my friends came with me and I got to meet one of my internet friends Laura! After 4 years we finally got the chance to meet each other and I had an amazing time! I love both bands a lot!

2015-03-21 21.32.31

De last day of March dad and I went to see The Netherlands vs. Spain soccer match with dads work.




Finally it was april and then the day came on the 18th of april that Simon and I would go to Eurovision in Concert. It was a dream come true and we arrived early at the venue. There we met some amazing people and we saw some great artists.


There was also a afterparty and some of the delegations were there to. I had a great chat with Electro Velvet from the United Kingdom, Debrah Scarlett & Morland from Norway and Vaidas Baumila from Lithuania. I also got to see my number one favourite Mans Zelmerlöw and took a picture with him. I really had an amazing night. Thank you to all the delegations, Eurovision in Concert and the people I met that night. If you want to see more pictures, you can go to the blogpost I made about it. Click here

2015-04-18 23.31.20

2015-04-19 01.16.06


2015-04-19 00.04.37

Eurovision month! I really love May, because of Eurovision and I always take time off to watch the Eurovision. This year was a dissapointing year for the Netherlands, because we didn’t reach the final. There were some great songs in the final and my number 1 won Eurovision: Sweden!

2015-04-19 00.28.072015-04-19 00.37.22


2015-06-13 20.37.57

June was the month that I ended my education and I waited until the beginning of July for the results. But between that period I got two festivals. The first festival was Pinkpop 2015. I went on Saturday and once again I got to meet Laura, her parents and Emma. I saw The Wombats, Dotan, Anouk, The Script, Avicii and Robbie Williams.

2015-06-13 18.10.49


On the 19th & 20th of June I went to a festival called Jera On Air with my friend Chantal. On the 19th I saw Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! A Day To Remember and many more.


The day after I finally got to see All Time Low. I also saw Destine, a dutch band who would stop making music a few months later. Thank you guys for the great years!


I saw Enter Shikari to and I got frontrow. (I just got frontrow, because of All Time Low). Their performance was amazing, but I didn’t make any pictures, because it wasn’t safe to get my Phone out.


Then it was finally time to see All Time Low and I must say I was really happy and nervous. Their performance was amazing as always and I wish that moment could last forever. Finally I saw my favourite band in real life.




The first of july I started my work as a nurse, I didn’t know yet if I graduated, but I was pretty sure I did. I got the letter saying that I graduated a few days later. On the 10th of july I got my first tattoo and I was really excited for it. It is a musical note. On the 14th of july it was my 20th birthday and I officially graduated as a nurse. I also made this blog in July and my first blogpost came online on my birthday and the first real blogpost came online on 22 of July. You can read my first blogpost here



In August nothing special happend, only that I changed the city were I worked. The rest of the month I worked a lot, because it was vacation time.



In september I had my summer vacation and we went to Italy. We did an excursion trip and we visited a lot of beautiful places, like Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Portofino, Rapallo, Genua and San Remo. I made some blogposts about it and if you want to read them then you can click here.



On the 29th of September we decided to get a rabbit, we named him Sammy.


Oktober & November.

Once again both months nothing special happend and I have not much to tell about them.



In the beginning of December I got two weeks off and mom and I went to London. We did a lot of shopping and some sightseeing. I made a blogpost about the pictures I made. Click here if you want to read it.


On 11th of december I had a party with my work and I decided to buy a special dress for the party.


On the 21st of december Simon and I went to see Serious Request in Heerlen. A city near where I live. There is a house of glass and the djs are locked into the house for a whole week with no food. They only drink smoothies.


This was my 2015! I hope you had a really nice 2015 and hopefully 2016 will be better!

5 Things I want to make more time for.

Screenshot_2015-11-11-14-41-23 english

Today I want to write about 5 things I want to make more time for. My inspiration for this blogpost I got from Estée Lalonde. She did a video about 5 thing she wants to make more time for. It really got me thinking about the things I want to make more time for. These are my 5 things I want to make more time for.

1. I want to make more time for writing.

When I was younger I wrote a lot of short stories and I showed them at school. Since a few weeks I really want to write more. I have inspiration enough to write a story and I want to write a little bit every day.


2. I want to make more time for reading.

Since a short time I have an e-reader with some books on it and I have “real” books that I need to read. I want to make time every day and I want to start reading 30 minutes before I go to bed.

3. I want to make more time for being offline.

I am doing to much things on my phone the whole day and I want to be offline more. So I can enjoy more things. Everyday around 9 o’clock in the evening my phone stops giving me notifications but I am still looking a lot on my phone. Every evening I want to set a time for myself and after that time I won’t be looking on my phone anymore.


4. I want to make more time for travelling.

There are so many places yet undiscovered and I really want to travel more. Long distance and short distance. How I am going to do it, I don’t know yet. But I love travelling and I should do it more.

5. I want to make more time for learning a new language. 

When I still went to school, my favourite subjects were the languages. I really wanted to learn Swedish and I already started learning it. I didn’t have enough time to keep learning it, because of my study. Now I have more time and I want to start learning Swedish again.

Where do you want to make more time for?

20 Facts About Me

Today I want you to get to know me better. So I made a list with 20 facts about me. I really wanted to do this and I hope you will like it.


  1. I’m a 20 year old Dutch girl.
  2. I live in The Netherlands
  3. I work as a Nurse.
  4. I can speak Dutch, German and English.
  5. Blonde is my true haircolor, then I colored my hair brown and now I want to go back to blonde again.
  6. I am a strawberry addict.
  7. I love to write stories in Dutch.
  8. I love travelling.
  9. I never traveled with an airplane.
  10. Since I was a kid, I want to live abroad.
  11. I want to learn Swedish.
  12. London is my favourite city.
  13. Croatia is my favourite country.
  14. I watch a lot of tv shows.
  15. I got Netflix, just because I wanted to watch Pretty Little Liars, but I still have netflix and I watch other tv shows on it to.
  16. Music means everything to me.
  17. I love the Eurovision Song Contest.
  18. All Time Low is my favourite band and I saw them for the first time this year.
  19. Concert At Sea 2014 was my first festival.
  20. I have a music note as a tattoo.

Can you give me your 20 facts about you? I would love to read them all!