Vacation day 3: Monaco

Vacation day 3: Monaco

Sunday 06-09-2015

Hello Everyone,

This day started at half past 6, the bus would leave at 9 O’clock and we had to had breakfast at 8 o’clock. I was the first one of the family to shower and my outfit today was a mint-green top with shorts and my Birckenstock slippers.


When my parents were ready, we went to get ourself some breakfast. There was plenty of choice what to get. I got myself every day some fruit. Ofcourse I also got some bread to. Everyday we had to fill in what we wanted to eat that evening. We got an appetizer, main dish and a dessert.


It was 9 o’clock, time to leave for monaco. It was an hour drive until we got there. At one point the busdriver stopped de bus, so we could take pictures from Monaco. It was on a higher part before the city and it was stunning


First we went to the cathedrale from Monaco. Here are also the graves from members of the Royal family from Monaco who passed away. Including Grace Kelly. The cathdrale wasn’t fully open until 12 o’clock, so we had to wait. Later that morning we saw all the graves.

DSC00318 DSC00319

Second we saw the palace, where Prince Albert, his wife Charlene and their twins. The busdriver told us that when the flag was up, Albert was home. If the flag was down he wasn’t home. There was also a change of guards, but we were to late for that. We went shopping instead of waiting for the change of guards and when we came back they were already done.

DSC00322 DSC00323

That is how we spend our free time shopping. We also did make some pictures around the palace and walked around enjoying the view.

IMG-20150913-WA0017 DSC00330

DSC00331 DSC00317

It was time to head back to the bus again and we drove over the formula one circuit of Monte Carlo. We got out of the bus near the tunnel of the circuit. It was around midday and we got hungry. We searched for food. But first we looked for the Casino from Monaco. We couldn’t find it, so we went back to get ourselfs some lunch.


Ofcourse we had to try the McDonalds from Monaco. After that we went to the boulevard, there were some pretty huge boats. I kept asking myself who are the owners of these huge boats. We also saw a white ferrari with a Dutch license plate.

DSC00338 DSC00339

On the boulevard was a restaurant from a Dutch owner. We ordered an ice coupe, mine was with strawberries. Ofcourse I forgot to take a picture.

Our view from the restaurant

Then it was time to go home again to Diano Marina. Immediatly when we arrived, my dad and I walked to the cash automat to get some money. It was a 15 minute walk to the machine and back. It was around 6 when we got back. Some people who are also in the bus were swimming and asked us if we wanted to come to. I ran to our room and got my bikini on. I swimmed in the pool for an hour and after that I got ready for dinner

After dinner we walked to the other side of the town. We walked on the boulevard and there were some stands with products. They sold  different things from jewellry to paintings.