Lush Order

Lush Order

Today I have an other Lush order for you. My cleanser was empty, so I had to get a new  one. I decided to ask a friend of mine for help. He showed me some products he liked and I decided to get three of these products. I also forgot to order toothy tabs.

Let The Good Times Roll.

My friend said that this product is a really good cleanser. I wanted to buy Aqua Marina, but my friend said that the scent was disgusting. So I bought Let The Good Times Roll and it was a good decision, because it smells so good.

I bought 100 gram for 9,90 euro.

The Comforter.


When my first bottle was emtpy, I needed to get a new one. So I decided it get a bigger bottle than the last time. I am so happy that I have my favourite showergel again!

I bought 250 gram for 16,95 euro.

It’s Raining Men.


I already had this showergel on my Lush wishlist, because when I got a sample from Honey! I Washed The kids I fell in love with the scent. When I saw they had a showergel, I needed to get it.

I bought 100 gram for 8,60 euro.

I Love Juicy.


This shampoo was also on my Lush Wishlist and because I decided to get rid  of washing my hair everyday. It is a perfect moment to try this shampoo. The scent is a bit to strong for me, but if it works, I don’t care about the scent.

I bought 100 gram for 8,60 euro.

Grease Lightning.


I bought this products to see if it helps my pimples. I am going to use it before I go to bed.

I bought 45 gram for 10,45 euro.

Dragon’s Egg.


My friend said that I should get this bathbomb and I know I didn’t try this one before. That is why I bought it and I really like the scent of this bathbomb.

I bought 180 gram for 4,95 euro.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.


My friend also said that I should get this one and I did get it. I love Lush bubble bars, because I can use then more as once. I really like the scent too.

I couldn’t find this bubble bar anymore on the Dutch site.



Shoplog Lush

Since I heard that some of the products from Lush Oxford Street were going to different stores in Europe to I really got excited. On friday 28th of August the new Lush products were in the stores and online. I ordered some products from Lush, only 3 products from the new collection and the rest are from my wishlist!


Products from the new Lush Collection.

The Experimenter (Bath Bomb) (€5,95)


This was one of the first bath bombs I knew that was only available in London when they opened the store.  I hoped that this bath bomb would come to the Dutch stores and It did. I’m so happy.

Frozen (Bath Bomb) (€5,95)


This reminds me of the movie frozen! I was curious to have this one and I’m excited to test this one out.

Comforter Shower Cream 100g (€8,50)


I just dropped this in my online basket, because I really wanted to have a lush showergel. I don’t know what to think about the smell yet, I will find out if I like it when I am going to use it.

Other Lush Products.

Angels On Bare Skin 100g (€9,90)


My first lush cleansing product was Herbalism. And because I heard a lot of good things about Angels On Bare Skin, I really wanted to try this.

Ocean Salt Face And Body Cleanser 120g (€12,95)


My skin on face is very dry, so I wanted to have a nice scrub. I saw ocean salt and I just wanted to try it.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion 225g (€14,70)


I was really doubting if I would get this one, but when I read that it was good for people who walk a lot. I dropped it my basket. You can smell the mint very good and I can’t wait to try this one out.

Big Blue Bath Bomb (€4,95)


This bathbomb I just randomly put it in my basket. I wanted a bath bomb that I didn’t used yet, so I decided to  just pick one The Big Blue Bath Bomb didn’t survive the trip to my house, it is a bit broken but still good useable.

I also go a free sample with my order. I love free samples, not only because it is free but also it is so easy to take with you on vacation. I save my samples and use the for my vacation.


This was my lush order, I hope you like it!