I am going on vacation to ….

Hey guys,

In December I am going back to London! I’m so happy about that, because London is my favourite city in the world and my mom is going with me.

2014-08-21 15.39.21
The Tower Bridge

Shopping in London is one of the things we are going to do, but there is one store I really need to visit is: Lush Oxford Street. When Lush opened at Oxford Street, I was really happy. When I went to London last year, I wanted to go to Lush, but I couldn’t find one.

2014-08-22 12.57.18
Picadilly Circus

I also will do some sightseeing like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower Bridge etc.

2014-08-22 17.23.02
London Eye

I am going to plog while I am in London and maybe I will vlog to! London, see you soon!




My top 5 hotspots in London

Last year I went two times to London. In the summer and at the end of the year. I saw some famous hotspots in London back then and today I will share with you my top 5 hotspots in London.


1. The Big Ben.

2014-08-22 18.01.40

The Big Ben is one of the famous hotspot of London.  The first time the clock started working was in 1859. I made this picture in august 2014

2. The Tower Bridge.


One of the other tourist hotspot is The Tower Bridge. Which I called my entire trip the London Bridge. This was because the metro station was called London Bridge. The Tower Bridge was build in 1854 and the river is called The Thames. You can go into the Tower Bridge, but as I am afraid of Heights I didn’t go.

3.Buckingham Palace.

2014-08-22 18.32.54 2014-08-22 18.38.56 IMG-20140824-WA0004

The home of the royal family.  The must see as it was advertised on the internet was changing the guard. I haven’t seen it myself. We visited Buckingham Palace around the evening and I believe the times they do the changing are in the morning.

4. Oxford Street.

2014-08-22 10.47.08 IMG-20140825-WA0119

If you want go shopping, Oxford street is the place to be. Stores like: Primark, H&M, Disney store, HMV and since a few months Lush. I’ve been Oxford a few times and I must say I love Oxford street. Especially Primark and HMV.

5. Hyde Park

If you want to escape busy London you can go to Hyde Park. Just a relaxed walk in the park. Unfortunaly I didn’t make pictures.

There are some things I still want to do when I am going back to London. One thing is going to the London Dungeon, I probably will be really scared eventhought I love horrormovies. I didn’t went into the London Eye but It is on my list to do. I was close to it, but when I was at London my first two times I thought it was a waste of time to go in it. My priorities were somewere else.

2014-08-22 17.23.02

2014-08-22 16.47.16

Tip: If you want to travel easy and fast, try the metro. It was so easy to travel with it and the perrons were easy to find!