January Favourites.

It is the end of the month already and today it is time to share with you my favourites from January!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. (005 Silky Beige)


I did make a change in my make-up collection and after reading a lot of good reviews about this powder. I decided to get it, when I was in London. I really love this powder, because it doesn’t make my face look like I fell in the powder and it gets rid of my shine. It also doesn’t make me pale!

Collection Concealer. (1 Fair)


This concealer is really a hype with beautybloggers. I searched for this concealer everytime when I was London, but it always was sold out in my color. The last time I went to London, I found it in the right color. I must say I can understand the hype about this concealer. It is really cheap and it works really good. It gives a good coverage and it stays on really good.

Lee Stafford Hairmask: For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Lenght.


Since Gabby mentioned this hairmask, I really wanted to try it out! I knew boots had it, so the first day I was in London, I went to boots and I bought 3 of them. I used it a few times now and the first one is almost empty! I noticed my hair grew a bit faster, especially the really short parts. Don’t expect it makes your hair grow really fast, but it does something for my hair. I also really love the scent of this product.

Salted Coconut Handscrub.


When I got a sample of this handscrub, I knew I had to buy a full size. This product makes my hands really soft and it works so well for my dry hands. Even after a few days my hands are still soft. Ofcourse I used a handcream a few times.

Twilight Bath Ballistic.


You can read my full review about this bath ballistic here. I really love the scent of this bathbomb and it made me really relaxed when I used it!

Fuij Green Tea Body Scrub.


I used this body scrub a lot in the summer, but after the summer I forgot that I had it. Since this month I am using this again and I really love the scent of this body scrub. It also works really good for me. It is almost empty as you can see, but I am definitly going to get another one!

Frosted Plum Body Butter.


My favourite body butter from The Body Shop Christmas collection. The scent was really really amazing! I love the Body Butters from The Body Shop, because they hydrate my skin really good. I have been using this bodybutter a lot and It is already empty.

Album Of The Month: Panic! At The Disco.

PATD_Cover_FINAL_Death of a Bachelor

So Panic! At The Disco released their album this month and after they announced that they would do a concert in Amsterdam I decided to get their album. I immedialty loved the whole album. Brendon really did a good job and it is my favourite Panic! At The Disco album. This album has so much different kind of songs and in every song, Brendons voice sounds amazing. My favourite song is: House Of Memories!

Tv Show Of The Month: Making A Murderer.


This is not a tv show, but a documentairy. This documentairy is about Steven Avery who was in prison for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. The story shows the whole story of what happend all these years. I haven’t finished it yet, but I was immediatly interested in his story. It really got me! I just watched a few episodes, but I am hooked.