Shoplog Vacation Italy

Shoplog Vacation Italy


As promised I will give you today a shoplog from my vacation in Italy. I shopped some clothes and souvenirs at small shops or at the market. I also shopped at Kiko, Lush, Yves Rocher and Bershka. I will start with the clothing, after that  Nivea, Yves Rocher, Kiko and Lush. And last but not least the souvenirs! I will not write what everything costed, because I can’t remember the prices.


DSC00600 DSC00601

The Winterjacket and this t-shirt are from Bershka. I really needed a new winterjacket. When I tried this one it really looked nice on me.

The  T-shirt I really like, because of the text “Take Me To The Moon.”


This sweater I bought in a store in Diano Marina. I actually was looking for jeans, but as they were to small or I just didn’t like them. I only got this sweater. People from the bus said: Why are you buying Paris in Italy? Which  made me laugh.


My favourite clothing item of all! I bought this on the market on Tuesday and I really love this dress. First of all it is long enough and it fits perfectly! The color is amazing to.



I bought two perfumes this trip, which is strange for me. I almost never buy two perfumes. I bought a fake Lady Million perfume and a fake Dolce and Gabanna perfume. They weren’t expensive and I really liked the smell of both of them. I don’t know which one is which on the picture.

Nivea & Yves Rocher.


In Milan there was a nivea bus, which gave you a free trip around the city, we didn’t take that bus, because of the lack of time. Next to the busstop there was this nivea car, which gave out some mini-products showercreme. I got 3, but I gave one to my mom.

The Yves Rocher Shampoo is for hair that gets oily easy. Try to explain that to Italian people if you don’t know the right words. I said hair that gets fat easily. Anyways this is the only product I tried so far and I don’t like the shampoo at all. It feels like my hair gets quicker oily than ever. To bad.


So I went twice to Kiko, when I was in Italy. The first time was in Genova and the second time was in Milan. I will show you first the products I bought in Genova and after that I will show you the ones from Milan.


DSC00523 DSC00522

The Luscious Cream Lipstick (513) is the lipstick with the silver package and the Mat Velvet Lipstick (612) is the one with the bronze package. One the picture both look really alike, but the Luscious cream is a bit darker than the Mat Velvet. Both lipsticks are easy to apply and stay good on your lips. I prefer the Luscious Cream one, because it doesn’t make your lips feeling dry.


DSC00526 DSC00525

The two eyeshadows are from the same range, the infinity range. I bought a grey one (271) and a brown one (212) Both have a bit of glitter in the color but you don’t see that as good when you put them on.


Because I really liked the Luscious cream lipstick, I bought a new one in Milan. This one is a red one (509). I haven’t tried it yet, but I am saving it for special occasions. The nailpolish (859) really made me think of Christmas and I didn’t have a color like this.


Ofcourse I have to go to Lush when I am in a different country. Lush is my new addiction. Not only the bathbombs but also the showergels, cleansers and hairproducts. The only thing that I don’t like is that everything is in Italian. But hey we all know how a bath bomb and showergel works, right?

DSC00577 DSC00578

Beautiful Showergel, I really love this scent. It is amazing and look at all the glitters! Disclaimer: there won’t be any glitter on your skin when you showered.

The other bottle is tea tree water, mine is almost empty and I am not expecting to be in a Lush soon I took this with me.

DSC00579 DSC00580

Thank god, it’s Friday. That is the name of the bathbomb and the main reason I took this bath bomb to try. I love the name, I actually should use it on a friday! Bath bombs are my favourite thing ever from lush. If you haven’t tried it and you have a bath, go try it! It is amazing.


I also got a free product that I choose myself. I choose a hairmask and as it is in Italian I can’t remember what it is.

Souvenirs & Jewellry.


From every country I visit I want to have a card for myself. I didn’t took from every city I have been to.


Magnets, the one from Italy and Genova were just 1 euro and they are so cute! It is something different then just a card. Especially the one from Genova, I love dolphins. The mask I bought in Milan, I wanted a bigger one, but I really didn’t know where to place it.


A Monaco snowglobe, I really wanted to have something special from Monaco and this snowglobe looks so cute together with my London one.


My I love Croatia keychain broke and I wanted a replacement. As I didn’t have a souvernir from Switzerland yet, I took this cute one.


A Dreamcatcher, which I really wanted for a long time.


I lost my other musical note necklace and I was really sad that I lost it. When I found this one in Genova, I was really happy again. As the most know Music means everything for me

DSC00561 DSC00562

This is a bracelet, but you can also wear it as a necklace. I really wished I have an other one of these, but sadly the stand was gone when I went back.


And last but not least a Michael Kors bag, also a long wanted item! I am so happy that I found this one!

Well this was the last post of my Italian vacation! I hope you liked it. I did! And I hope my next vacation will be just as awesome as this one. Then I can make more travelblogposts, because I really like making them




Vacation Day 9 & 10: Road to home (+Milano)

Vacation Day 9 & 10: Road to home (+Milano)

Saturday 12-09-2015

The Saturday and Sunday I will do combined, because both days aren’t that spectacular and I really did not make a lot of pictures only a few in Milan.

We had to leave the hotel at nine. Before we went and put our suitcases in the bus, we said goodbye to Luca. He always had the nightshift when we stayed at our hotel and he was really nice!

That day we went to Milan as an extra option. As we all know the expo was in Milan this year and it was pretty busy. Before the went to the centre, we got a little time to get a picture from the soccer stadion in Milan. Where AC Milan and Internatzionale are playing in.


We had 2 hours in Milan and what did we do in Milan? Shoppings! We only went into Bershka, H&M and Kiko. Because when we came out Kiko we didn’t have much time left. We quickly got ourselfs some lunch, which eventually costed 32,50 for 4 coffee and 4 croissants. Pretty Expensive.

DSC00553 DSC00554


After Milan we had a long trip back to our overnight hotel. In the bus I heard we got fish a dinner. I do not love fish as much, so I took some chips with me. My feeling was right the fish was disguisting and the rice was also not nice.  After diner we went to bed early.

20150912_134119 20150912_120902

sunday 13-09-2015

After a short night it was time to get all the stuff together and go back home. Today  was basically all day in the bus. Except that we had a goodbye diner in Bastogne, Schnitzel with Pommes. (Is that even English?) Which was delicious. At 7 o’clock we arrived in Maarheeze again…………

These pictures down here are taking in Switzerland. Can I just say how beautiful Switzerland is! So beautiful and pretty expensive if you ask me. I hope I will visit Switzerland in the future.

20150912_174655 20150912_145552

Vacation Day 8: San Remo and Dolce Acqua

Vacation Day 8: San Remo and Dolce Acqua

Friday 11-09-2015

Last day again in Italy! On Friday we went to San Remo and Dolce Acqua.

Outfit today: Top with print, shorts and again my Birckenstocks.

We left the hotel at nine. We didn’t went to the highway but we took the “tourist” route. We drove by the sea and some places. On our way to San Remo. San Remo is famous for their expensive hotels and The San Remo festival. At the San Remo festival Italy chooses their Eurovision entrant every year!


We did again some shopping in San Remo, but I bought nothing. I also did not make a lot of pictures in San Remo.

DSC00491 DSC00490

Only a few from the Russian Orthodox Church and the casino. I was searching for some jeans, because I needed on extra for my trip home. You never what happens right? So I went into Tally Weijl, took the same size as I normally have and that was the biggest size. I couldn’t get in it, it was to small. Which frustrated me.

The Italian Highway

After we went to San Remo we drove to the mountains to Dolce Acqua. When we arrived there the most of us needed a toilet stop, including me. BUT I didn’t go, because the toilet was a hole in the ground. I hate strange toilets and especially those kind of. Yikes.


We walked up onto the mountain to an old castle, were we made some pictures. The walk up was uhm.. harder as normal. I don’t know how to say it different.

DSC00498 DSC00502

I got up on the stairs to even see more. With my fear of heights I was surprised that I even got up the stairs. When I made my pictures, I walked down quickly as possible, because I got scared.


DSC00509 DSC00511

After that we walked back down and walked to a bridge. You could choose to walk over that bridge or take the other one. We took the bridge on the picture. The view was really nice! We had some free time, so I got myself some icecream. A magnum!

DSC00513 DSC00515

The bus needed to park outside the town again and when the bus came back we made a group picture with all the people from the bus. I won’t post this picture, because I don’t have the agreement of all the people on it and I won’t post pictures with strangers without permission.


When we got back to the hotel, it was time to get ready for our special dinner. We got 7 dishes menu. I only got 5 of them, because I was so full. It was delicous and the crew from the hotel did their best.

DSC00529 DSC00534

Because it was the last evening, I wanted to shop in the town centre. I scored some perfume and a sweater! After that Jennifer and I headed back to the hotel, were my dad ordered me an Aperol Spritz.

That was the end of the last day in Italy!

Vacation Day 7: Genova

Vacation Day 7: Genova

Thursday 10-09-2015

Shopping DAY! This day started at half past 5. It was very early, because again our guide wanted to leave early for Genova.

Outfit today: Top with flowers, a summer vest, shorts and Birckenstocks.

8 o’clock it was time to leave for Genova. It was an hour and a half drive to Genova from our little town Diano Marina. First we got a tour in the bus in Genova itself. We saw Piazza de Ferrari, St.Lawrence Cathedrale and many more buildings. We also saw the house where Columbus was born. According to our guide Columbus was not born in Spain but in Italy! The last stop before the bus stopped was the wreckage of the Costa Concordia.


First there was a toilet stop in the aquarium of Genova. I almost forgot to say that the boat from Pirates Of The Carribean was in Genova to. I don’t know which ship it is, because I didn’t listen at that time to the guide.

DSC00482 DSC00458

After that we followed the guide into the city were we first saw the St. Lawrence Cathedrale again and after that we went to the Piazza de Ferrari. The whole time there was this guy following us with Selfiesticks. He kept saying “Selfie, Selfie, Selfie.” Which annoyed me to the max.

DSC00470 DSC00465

After that we had some free time, which ofcourse was used to get some shopping done. First I went into the sixx to find a new musical note necklace, but they didn’t have any. After that I bought some make-up at Kiko’s and went to the Lush. I was hoping that they would have a starbucks  but no!



We also walked to the house of Columbus.

DSC00475 DSC00480

After that we walked back to the bus and found a little market. They had souvenirs and they were very cheap. We walked over the market back to the bus.

As an extra the guide got us to a olive oil factory, were they make olive oil. They showed us how they made it and we got to taste some things. I bought some olive oil for cooking at home.


We were back at the hotel around 7 o’clock and it was to late to go swimming again. After dinner I and a girl called Jennifer went walking on the boulevard and we bought some jewellry at a stand. When we came back the some people from our bus asked if we wanted to drink something. But first I went back to my hotel room to drop the jewellry. I ordered myself an Aperol Spritz, which tasted really good!

And that was day 7 already!

Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Vacation Day 6: Rapallo and Portofino

Wednesday 09-09-2015

After our day off it was time to go on an excursion again! Today it is time for Rapallo and Portofino.

Outfit today: Blue printed top, shorts and my Birckenstocks.


The day started around half past 6 and we had our breakfast at 8 o’clock. At 9 o’clock it was time to leave to Rapallo. It was a 2 hour drive to Rapallo and on our way to Rapallo we drove past Genova.

DSC00416 DSC00419

We arrived at 11 in Rapallo and then we walked to the boulevard. We had to be at the restaurant at half past 12. The restaurant was called Amici Miei. We decided that we wanted to walk at the boulevard until it was time to get our lunch. It was very warm that day and I really felt like swimming, but I left my bikini at the hotel. The cocktail was still working on me and together with the sun, I felt bad.

DSC00420 DSC00421

Then it was time to go to the restaurant. I ordered Lasagna and it tasted so so good! I wish I knew the recipe. One of the waiters wanted to have a picture with my mom and a woman from our bus, because they both had the same dress in the same colour. Then he wanted to go a picture with me to. While an other waiter was dancing with me.

DSC00424 20150909_124809

After lunch we had to go on the boat to Portofino, while waiting for the boat I saw they sold some bags. Unfortunaly there was no time to get the bag that I wanted.


It was really refreshing to be on a boat. A bit of wind felt great after being so hot.

DSC00428 DSC00433

When we arrived at Portofino we had some free time. First we walked to the stores to buy some souvenirs and then we walked back to the water and we sat down for a while. I put my feet into the water, which was cold. But at that moment it felt great.

DSC00445 DSC00453

After sitting there for a while, we saw a pretty huge boat coming to Portofino. So we ran to the other side of Portofino and we wanted to know who was on the boat. Sadly we didn’t solve that mystery, because it was time to go back again. Back in Rapallo, we had to take a train back to the bus. Only the whole bus didn’t fit at once, so we had to wait. The guys with the bags were still standing there, I took my chance and bought a bag. My mom bought one to, only a smaller one than me.

The train arrived a bit later and we got on that train. Every time the train hooted everyone started waving and screaming. It was really funny and some people in the street looked angry at us. The train also made 3 rounds around the roundabout. After a 20 minute ride, we were back at the bus.

DSC00449 DSC00454

After diner, we decided to have a relax evening and went to a restaurant near our hotel to get something to drink. I got an ice cream and a latte machiatto.

20150909_214942 DSC00457

That was the end of day 6!

Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Tuesday 08-09-2015

This day started around half past 7. The longest time we could sleep this week. It is also the day that I didn’t make much pictures, because we didn’t do much.

Outfit today: Blue printed top with shorts and birckenstock in the morning. For swimming I had a playsuit and evening a coral dress.

After breakfast we went to the centre of Diano Marina, because there was a market with clothes, jewellry, shoes, bags, etc. It was a 15 minute walk to the centre.

The first thing I bought was a selfie stick. I said I never buy one of these things, but I found out it was kinda handy! I didn’t use it at much. I also bought a dress, pictures of this dress will follow in my shoplog.

20150908_130059 20150908_130045

After we walked on the market, we went into the city to go ourselfs some lunch. Together with a couple from our bus. After the lunch we went back to our hotel and I changed into a bikini for swimming.


The rest of the day we were at the swimming pool until 6 o’clock. After that I changed into a dress for diner.


After diner we walked on the boulevard.

DSC00407 DSCF1275

When we came back from walking, I decided that I would get a cocktail called Frozen Pineapple Magaritha. The cocktail was a bit to strong for me, because there was to much tequila in the cocktail. When we walked back to the hotel room, I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I learned my lesson and didn’t take a cocktail in the hotel anymore.


It was a very relaxed day and after yesterday it was good that we have a day off! Tomorrow the blogpost from Rapallo and Portofino will be up!

Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Monday 07-09-2015

Day 4 was a very long day! I will tell you why later on. I got up around half past 5. We had to leave at 8 o’clock because our guide wanted to leave early. That day we went to Cannes and Nice.

Outfit today: Black top with shorts and my Birckstocks.

On our way to Cannes which was our first stop, the guide told us we could get a boattrip if we wanted. We said yes to that trip.
It was a trip for one hour and it was lovely to be on the boat. It was really hot and on the boat with the wind it felt really good!

DSC00346 DSC00350

DSC00354 DSC00365

DSC00376 DSC00372

After the boattrip we walked to the building were the cannes film festival are. Ofcourse we took pictures on the wrong stairs! But shttt….no one will see that haha.
It was busy in Cannes so the bus had to park outside the centre of the city.

DSC00379 DSC00382 DSC00390 DSC00402

Around the film festival building there were stones with the hands of some popular artists/actors.

Mel Gibson
Cameron Diaz
Nicole Kidman
Meryl Streep
Paul Mccartney
Sylvester Stallone
Jodie Foster
Angelina Jolie (+ my hand)

Close to that building there was an orange Lamborghini with a German license plate.

DSC00402 DSC00399

When we saw it was almost time to go we quickly got ourself some lunch. Then the bus picked us up near the building from the film festival. Then we got the tourist route to Nice!

In Nice we only got 1,5 hour and the guide was walking with us to some buildings. Just as in Cannes the bus had to park outside the centre and he let us out in the centre.

DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00406 20150907_163235

We walking to some old monuments and then we had a little bit of free time. I saw in the window that the store had some macarons. I really couldn’t resist that eventhought they were expensive! I had 4 different savours, Vanille, Cocos, Amande and Caffe. They tasted amazing.


Also some random guy wanted to draw me and he said it was for free and so he drawed me. When he was finished he asked 15 euros for it, but when I said no, he said 10 euros. I again said no and I left. I found it to much for that drawing. I didn’t even like.


And then It was time to get back to the hotel. We got into the bus around 5. We took again the tourist route to Monaco. We saw a lot of the sea and buildings. They also showed us where the place was where Grace Kelly got her caraccident and passed away.



When we wanted to go on the highway in Monaco, it was closed. We didn’t know why, so the bus had to drive to the next town to get on the highway. That was easy we thought, but not only us had to go there. Every car which wanted to go on the highway had to go to that town called: Ventimiglia. Also the bus is not like a car, it is a bit bigger and with all the small streets and cars it wasn’t easy. Especially when the French and Italian people drive crazy. Some of them really do not care about their car or something. We were in  a traffic jam

20150907_172300 20150907_172534

Later on we saw that there was fire in the woods on the mountains and the airplanes and helicopters were trying to end the fire. They did it with seawater and everytime the plane was empty or the bag they went to the sea to get new water. It was really impressiven to see.

After 4,5 hours we were finally back at our hotel. Quickly went to our room and then back to get some diner. They also served Tiramisu!


That day we were lucky that we didn’t went on the highway in Nice. Otherways we were stuck on the highway and we would have been there a long time. We heard on thursday from our guide that other busses had been stuck on the highway after midnight and thursday was the highway closed again, because the fire started again.

The busdriver did a good job in that traffic jam!