Plog Friday 28th of august.

My first plog on this blog! Yay! It seems easy to just make some pictures of what you are doing, but it wasn’t. At one point I forgot to make pictures. So here is my short plog of my day. My pictures are made by my phone, some may be a bit blurry. I am sorry in advance.


I started my day around 7:45, because we were going to primark. Friday was my day off. I showered and this is my everyday make up box. Everything I need was in there.


Make up and outfit done. I am ready to go! My hair is a bit shorter then I had the past few months, but I love it this short!


My trainticket. Since I am not a student anymore, I don’t have a free travelling card anymore, so I buy these ones. It is cheaper than buying a normal ticket.


Train station!


My favourite blogger from the UK Gabby, she brought out a Primark home collection. Sadly the things I really wanted were sold out. So I bought this one. Primark in Eindhoven this time didn’t had much clothing that I liked. I bought some new clothes but not much. You will see later on in this plog. An other reason I didn’t buy much was, because that there was much Autumn clothes already and I was still looking for some summer clothes. Because we are going on vacation.


After Primark we went for some lunch at KFC and did some more shopping. On our way back we stopped by at Starbucks ofcourse. I love Starbucks, if the city were I go has a Starbucks I need to go.


Back home and on our way again!


It was a were sunny day on friday, I liked that! Today was also a great day, but a bit to hot for me! And I love my hamsa necklace, it is so cute!


My Primark haul! Bought 2 tops, 1 shirt. one pyjama shirt and pants, the quote rom gabby, earrings, underwear, bandeau top.


After three and half years simple plan is back with a new video clip and some familiar faces are in it! Yay!


Watching Pewdiepie in a weird costume playing a horror game! I love when he is scared and I laugh way to hard about it.


Removing my make up with Garnier Micellair water and using my new bodybutter.


Look how unused it looks!
The rest of the evening I watched some tv. I watched The Woman In Black 2, which was extremly boring and I watched one episode of Once Upon A Time

This was my first plog and I hope you like it! See you next time!