Shoplog Vacation Italy

Shoplog Vacation Italy


As promised I will give you today a shoplog from my vacation in Italy. I shopped some clothes and souvenirs at small shops or at the market. I also shopped at Kiko, Lush, Yves Rocher and Bershka. I will start with the clothing, after that  Nivea, Yves Rocher, Kiko and Lush. And last but not least the souvenirs! I will not write what everything costed, because I can’t remember the prices.


DSC00600 DSC00601

The Winterjacket and this t-shirt are from Bershka. I really needed a new winterjacket. When I tried this one it really looked nice on me.

The  T-shirt I really like, because of the text “Take Me To The Moon.”


This sweater I bought in a store in Diano Marina. I actually was looking for jeans, but as they were to small or I just didn’t like them. I only got this sweater. People from the bus said: Why are you buying Paris in Italy? Which  made me laugh.


My favourite clothing item of all! I bought this on the market on Tuesday and I really love this dress. First of all it is long enough and it fits perfectly! The color is amazing to.



I bought two perfumes this trip, which is strange for me. I almost never buy two perfumes. I bought a fake Lady Million perfume and a fake Dolce and Gabanna perfume. They weren’t expensive and I really liked the smell of both of them. I don’t know which one is which on the picture.

Nivea & Yves Rocher.


In Milan there was a nivea bus, which gave you a free trip around the city, we didn’t take that bus, because of the lack of time. Next to the busstop there was this nivea car, which gave out some mini-products showercreme. I got 3, but I gave one to my mom.

The Yves Rocher Shampoo is for hair that gets oily easy. Try to explain that to Italian people if you don’t know the right words. I said hair that gets fat easily. Anyways this is the only product I tried so far and I don’t like the shampoo at all. It feels like my hair gets quicker oily than ever. To bad.


So I went twice to Kiko, when I was in Italy. The first time was in Genova and the second time was in Milan. I will show you first the products I bought in Genova and after that I will show you the ones from Milan.


DSC00523 DSC00522

The Luscious Cream Lipstick (513) is the lipstick with the silver package and the Mat Velvet Lipstick (612) is the one with the bronze package. One the picture both look really alike, but the Luscious cream is a bit darker than the Mat Velvet. Both lipsticks are easy to apply and stay good on your lips. I prefer the Luscious Cream one, because it doesn’t make your lips feeling dry.


DSC00526 DSC00525

The two eyeshadows are from the same range, the infinity range. I bought a grey one (271) and a brown one (212) Both have a bit of glitter in the color but you don’t see that as good when you put them on.


Because I really liked the Luscious cream lipstick, I bought a new one in Milan. This one is a red one (509). I haven’t tried it yet, but I am saving it for special occasions. The nailpolish (859) really made me think of Christmas and I didn’t have a color like this.


Ofcourse I have to go to Lush when I am in a different country. Lush is my new addiction. Not only the bathbombs but also the showergels, cleansers and hairproducts. The only thing that I don’t like is that everything is in Italian. But hey we all know how a bath bomb and showergel works, right?

DSC00577 DSC00578

Beautiful Showergel, I really love this scent. It is amazing and look at all the glitters! Disclaimer: there won’t be any glitter on your skin when you showered.

The other bottle is tea tree water, mine is almost empty and I am not expecting to be in a Lush soon I took this with me.

DSC00579 DSC00580

Thank god, it’s Friday. That is the name of the bathbomb and the main reason I took this bath bomb to try. I love the name, I actually should use it on a friday! Bath bombs are my favourite thing ever from lush. If you haven’t tried it and you have a bath, go try it! It is amazing.


I also got a free product that I choose myself. I choose a hairmask and as it is in Italian I can’t remember what it is.

Souvenirs & Jewellry.


From every country I visit I want to have a card for myself. I didn’t took from every city I have been to.


Magnets, the one from Italy and Genova were just 1 euro and they are so cute! It is something different then just a card. Especially the one from Genova, I love dolphins. The mask I bought in Milan, I wanted a bigger one, but I really didn’t know where to place it.


A Monaco snowglobe, I really wanted to have something special from Monaco and this snowglobe looks so cute together with my London one.


My I love Croatia keychain broke and I wanted a replacement. As I didn’t have a souvernir from Switzerland yet, I took this cute one.


A Dreamcatcher, which I really wanted for a long time.


I lost my other musical note necklace and I was really sad that I lost it. When I found this one in Genova, I was really happy again. As the most know Music means everything for me

DSC00561 DSC00562

This is a bracelet, but you can also wear it as a necklace. I really wished I have an other one of these, but sadly the stand was gone when I went back.


And last but not least a Michael Kors bag, also a long wanted item! I am so happy that I found this one!

Well this was the last post of my Italian vacation! I hope you liked it. I did! And I hope my next vacation will be just as awesome as this one. Then I can make more travelblogposts, because I really like making them




Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Vacation day 4: Cannes & Nice.

Monday 07-09-2015

Day 4 was a very long day! I will tell you why later on. I got up around half past 5. We had to leave at 8 o’clock because our guide wanted to leave early. That day we went to Cannes and Nice.

Outfit today: Black top with shorts and my Birckstocks.

On our way to Cannes which was our first stop, the guide told us we could get a boattrip if we wanted. We said yes to that trip.
It was a trip for one hour and it was lovely to be on the boat. It was really hot and on the boat with the wind it felt really good!

DSC00346 DSC00350

DSC00354 DSC00365

DSC00376 DSC00372

After the boattrip we walked to the building were the cannes film festival are. Ofcourse we took pictures on the wrong stairs! But shttt….no one will see that haha.
It was busy in Cannes so the bus had to park outside the centre of the city.

DSC00379 DSC00382 DSC00390 DSC00402

Around the film festival building there were stones with the hands of some popular artists/actors.

Mel Gibson
Cameron Diaz
Nicole Kidman
Meryl Streep
Paul Mccartney
Sylvester Stallone
Jodie Foster
Angelina Jolie (+ my hand)

Close to that building there was an orange Lamborghini with a German license plate.

DSC00402 DSC00399

When we saw it was almost time to go we quickly got ourself some lunch. Then the bus picked us up near the building from the film festival. Then we got the tourist route to Nice!

In Nice we only got 1,5 hour and the guide was walking with us to some buildings. Just as in Cannes the bus had to park outside the centre and he let us out in the centre.

DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00406 20150907_163235

We walking to some old monuments and then we had a little bit of free time. I saw in the window that the store had some macarons. I really couldn’t resist that eventhought they were expensive! I had 4 different savours, Vanille, Cocos, Amande and Caffe. They tasted amazing.


Also some random guy wanted to draw me and he said it was for free and so he drawed me. When he was finished he asked 15 euros for it, but when I said no, he said 10 euros. I again said no and I left. I found it to much for that drawing. I didn’t even like.


And then It was time to get back to the hotel. We got into the bus around 5. We took again the tourist route to Monaco. We saw a lot of the sea and buildings. They also showed us where the place was where Grace Kelly got her caraccident and passed away.



When we wanted to go on the highway in Monaco, it was closed. We didn’t know why, so the bus had to drive to the next town to get on the highway. That was easy we thought, but not only us had to go there. Every car which wanted to go on the highway had to go to that town called: Ventimiglia. Also the bus is not like a car, it is a bit bigger and with all the small streets and cars it wasn’t easy. Especially when the French and Italian people drive crazy. Some of them really do not care about their car or something. We were in  a traffic jam

20150907_172300 20150907_172534

Later on we saw that there was fire in the woods on the mountains and the airplanes and helicopters were trying to end the fire. They did it with seawater and everytime the plane was empty or the bag they went to the sea to get new water. It was really impressiven to see.

After 4,5 hours we were finally back at our hotel. Quickly went to our room and then back to get some diner. They also served Tiramisu!


That day we were lucky that we didn’t went on the highway in Nice. Otherways we were stuck on the highway and we would have been there a long time. We heard on thursday from our guide that other busses had been stuck on the highway after midnight and thursday was the highway closed again, because the fire started again.

The busdriver did a good job in that traffic jam!

Vacation day 3: Monaco

Vacation day 3: Monaco

Sunday 06-09-2015

Hello Everyone,

This day started at half past 6, the bus would leave at 9 O’clock and we had to had breakfast at 8 o’clock. I was the first one of the family to shower and my outfit today was a mint-green top with shorts and my Birckenstock slippers.


When my parents were ready, we went to get ourself some breakfast. There was plenty of choice what to get. I got myself every day some fruit. Ofcourse I also got some bread to. Everyday we had to fill in what we wanted to eat that evening. We got an appetizer, main dish and a dessert.


It was 9 o’clock, time to leave for monaco. It was an hour drive until we got there. At one point the busdriver stopped de bus, so we could take pictures from Monaco. It was on a higher part before the city and it was stunning


First we went to the cathedrale from Monaco. Here are also the graves from members of the Royal family from Monaco who passed away. Including Grace Kelly. The cathdrale wasn’t fully open until 12 o’clock, so we had to wait. Later that morning we saw all the graves.

DSC00318 DSC00319

Second we saw the palace, where Prince Albert, his wife Charlene and their twins. The busdriver told us that when the flag was up, Albert was home. If the flag was down he wasn’t home. There was also a change of guards, but we were to late for that. We went shopping instead of waiting for the change of guards and when we came back they were already done.

DSC00322 DSC00323

That is how we spend our free time shopping. We also did make some pictures around the palace and walked around enjoying the view.

IMG-20150913-WA0017 DSC00330

DSC00331 DSC00317

It was time to head back to the bus again and we drove over the formula one circuit of Monte Carlo. We got out of the bus near the tunnel of the circuit. It was around midday and we got hungry. We searched for food. But first we looked for the Casino from Monaco. We couldn’t find it, so we went back to get ourselfs some lunch.


Ofcourse we had to try the McDonalds from Monaco. After that we went to the boulevard, there were some pretty huge boats. I kept asking myself who are the owners of these huge boats. We also saw a white ferrari with a Dutch license plate.

DSC00338 DSC00339

On the boulevard was a restaurant from a Dutch owner. We ordered an ice coupe, mine was with strawberries. Ofcourse I forgot to take a picture.

Our view from the restaurant

Then it was time to go home again to Diano Marina. Immediatly when we arrived, my dad and I walked to the cash automat to get some money. It was a 15 minute walk to the machine and back. It was around 6 when we got back. Some people who are also in the bus were swimming and asked us if we wanted to come to. I ran to our room and got my bikini on. I swimmed in the pool for an hour and after that I got ready for dinner

After dinner we walked to the other side of the town. We walked on the boulevard and there were some stands with products. They sold  different things from jewellry to paintings.

Vacation Italy day 1: Road To France

Vacation Italy day 1: Road To France

Friday 04-09-2015

Hi there,

When I am writing this, we are driving with the bus through Switzerland. We still have some hours to go until we arrive. When you are reading this we are already back home, because I didn’t have my laptop with me. Here is day 1 of my vacation.

My bag with all my stuff that I needed for in the bus

My day started at 5 o’clock in the morning. I went showering and put the last things in my suitcase. At 7 o’clock we had to leave our house to have a 30 minute drive to Maarheeze. Where we had to be at 8 o’clock to get in the bus. We had still 30 minutes left when we arrived.

Our bus for the whole trip

Because we only had one busdriver, we made a stop every 2 hours. Our first stop was in Luxembourg. The bus needed some fuel and in Luxembourg the fuel is cheaper than in The Netherlands.

Our second stop was around 12. We got ourself some lunch and here I made my first picture with the camera.


The third stop was already in France. The busdriver said it was a Magnum stop. This was around three.

The last stop was around 5 and we had a beautiful sight. Here I also made some pictures with my camera and my phone.

DSC00283 DSC00281

Around 6 we arrived at our overnight hotel. Novotel in Sausheim. We went to our rooms. The reviews on internet weren’t that good about this hotel, but the room was clean, 4 beds were made but we only needed 3. We had a bathroom with a bath, a lot of mirrors and a hairdryer.

20150904_181511 20150904_180348

Before we went to our dinner. I did my make-up. Our dinner was something we couldn’t choose. Which worried me a lot, but I just didn’t ate one thing: Beans.
The first dish we got was a quiche with cheese.
Then we got: chickenfilet with beans and potato gratin.
As dessert we got: a brownie, which was absolutly delicious!


After dinner I watched one episode of Orange Is The New Black and then I went to sleep.


Normally I hate going by bus, but this time I didn’t mind. The
Landscapes are so beautiful and sometimes I am annoyed that I can’t take pictures!

I will try to make more pictures but when I am on the bus most of the day it is hard to make pictures. Tomorrow we will drive to Italy and we arrive at out hotel for the next days!

See you tomorrow