February favourites

It is the end of the month again! That is why I have my February favourites for you today. I don’t have much favourites this month, because I haven’t use a lot of products. I use the same products over and over again and I don’t want to put them in my favourites every month.



Christina Aguilera: Touch Of Seduction.

The perfume from Christina Aguilera has been my favourite perfume since a long time. I believe this perfume is a new one, but when I saw it was on sale I just had to buy it. I really like this scent, but I can’t tell you what it smells like.

Bastiste Dryshampoo.

I don’t wash my hair everyday anymore and the days I skip washing, I use dryshampoo, because then my hair looks a bit better than without it. It just works good for me.


Let The Good Times Roll.

I asked my friend Ben for some Lush products he liked and he said I had to try Let The Good Times Roll. He was right, because this cleaner smells amazing. I really love this scent and I can’t stop smelling it when I used it. It does the job and it has become my favourite cleanser.

Fuij Green Tea Body Butter.

I love this range from The Body Shop. It smell so good and it is my favourite range so far. I have the sorbet and the scrub too, but for this time of the years of the year the body butter works fine. It feels so fresh.


The Maze Runner series.


I have been reading this series so fast, because I immediatly got into the story. I read book 2 a bit slower, but I still loved it. Ofcourse I was really curious how it ended and I am statisfied with the ending. When I saw that there was an other book, I was really happy.

TV show & program.

Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars is back and that is why it is in my February favourites. I really love that they went 5 years forward. The first episodes were a bit boring, but after these episodes it became so good again! I am really curious what happen and every Tuesday I can’t wait till I can watch it.


You all know by now that I love the Eurovision Song Contest and thanks to  Eurovision I got to know the Swedish pre-selection. Melodifestivalen is my favourite pre-selection before Eurovision. Every Saturday evening I am excited to watch it and thanks to the SVT app on my tablet I can watch it on my television!

What are you favourites this month?


January Favourites.

It is the end of the month already and today it is time to share with you my favourites from January!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. (005 Silky Beige)


I did make a change in my make-up collection and after reading a lot of good reviews about this powder. I decided to get it, when I was in London. I really love this powder, because it doesn’t make my face look like I fell in the powder and it gets rid of my shine. It also doesn’t make me pale!

Collection Concealer. (1 Fair)


This concealer is really a hype with beautybloggers. I searched for this concealer everytime when I was London, but it always was sold out in my color. The last time I went to London, I found it in the right color. I must say I can understand the hype about this concealer. It is really cheap and it works really good. It gives a good coverage and it stays on really good.

Lee Stafford Hairmask: For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Lenght.


Since Gabby mentioned this hairmask, I really wanted to try it out! I knew boots had it, so the first day I was in London, I went to boots and I bought 3 of them. I used it a few times now and the first one is almost empty! I noticed my hair grew a bit faster, especially the really short parts. Don’t expect it makes your hair grow really fast, but it does something for my hair. I also really love the scent of this product.

Salted Coconut Handscrub.


When I got a sample of this handscrub, I knew I had to buy a full size. This product makes my hands really soft and it works so well for my dry hands. Even after a few days my hands are still soft. Ofcourse I used a handcream a few times.

Twilight Bath Ballistic.


You can read my full review about this bath ballistic here. I really love the scent of this bathbomb and it made me really relaxed when I used it!

Fuij Green Tea Body Scrub.


I used this body scrub a lot in the summer, but after the summer I forgot that I had it. Since this month I am using this again and I really love the scent of this body scrub. It also works really good for me. It is almost empty as you can see, but I am definitly going to get another one!

Frosted Plum Body Butter.


My favourite body butter from The Body Shop Christmas collection. The scent was really really amazing! I love the Body Butters from The Body Shop, because they hydrate my skin really good. I have been using this bodybutter a lot and It is already empty.

Album Of The Month: Panic! At The Disco.

PATD_Cover_FINAL_Death of a Bachelor

So Panic! At The Disco released their album this month and after they announced that they would do a concert in Amsterdam I decided to get their album. I immedialty loved the whole album. Brendon really did a good job and it is my favourite Panic! At The Disco album. This album has so much different kind of songs and in every song, Brendons voice sounds amazing. My favourite song is: House Of Memories!

Tv Show Of The Month: Making A Murderer.


This is not a tv show, but a documentairy. This documentairy is about Steven Avery who was in prison for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. The story shows the whole story of what happend all these years. I haven’t finished it yet, but I was immediatly interested in his story. It really got me! I just watched a few episodes, but I am hooked.

September Favourites

This year is going so fast! It is already October already, the christmas stuff are already in stores. So, let’s look what are my favourite products, book, tv show and album of this month!

Favourite Products.


Angels On Bare Skin: I love this cleanser for my face, I always use it when I am showering and it makes my skin so soft. It cleanse my face very good. I even like it more as Herbalism.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion: I took this big pot with my on vacation, because I knew we had to walk a lot. Every night I applied the lotion on my feet. It is a pink substance and you can smell the mint very good. It cools down my feet and when I woke up in the morning, my feet didn’t hurt that much from walking.

The Comforter Showergel: When I first smelled this showergel in the bottle, I didn’t like it very much. Until I actually tried it while showering. The smell is really heavy, but it reminds me of candy and I really like it! This is now my favourite showergel I ever tried.

S-Quito Free: This product I bought in Germany for my vacation, because I always get stung by mosquitos. The first days I was on vacation I didn’t use it and that was wrong. I got mosquitos bites everywere. So after that I used it every morning and evening. And it worked! I didn’t get stung by mosquitos until I forgot to use it.

DSC00607 DSC00610

This month I only have 2 make-up favourites, that I bought in Italy. These two make-up products are from Kiko.

Luscious Cream Lipstick 513: I was wearing this lipstick on the last evening in Italy and I really love the color of this lipstick. Also it survived dinner and some drinks. The Luscious Cream Lipsticks are really hydrating for your lips and that I really like.

Eyeshadow Brown 212: I am using this eyeshadow almost everyday and I really love the pigment of this color.

Book Of The Month.


Independent Study (or in dutch; De studie). This is the second book of The testing trilogy and I finished it in one day. It reads so good and the book got me since the first the page. I was still on vacation when I finished it and when I had proper wifi I orderd myself the last book, because I really want to know how the story ends!

Tv Show Of The Month. 

And my favourite tv show of this month is… Orange Is The New Black!


This tv show is so amazing! I absolutly love it. I also put this tv show in my 5 favourite netflix tv shows! I’m currently watching season 2 and every episode just keep getting better and better.

Album Of The Month.


Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit.

Since I heard Throne, I couldn’t wait for this album and now that it out it didn’t dissapoint me at all! This album is so good and ofcourse is Throne my favourite song of their album, but there are also other good songs it. One of the songs I played a lot last month was: True Friends.



August Favourites

Happy 1st of September!! Summer is kinda over now, but for today we go back to August 2015, just for one more time. It is time for my august favourites.

Beautyproducts & Make – Up.

My favourite beauty products from this month are:


Impuls Vanilla Kisses Deodorant. Last year I bought this deodorant in London, but I had more deodorants which I used before this one. Now I’m using this one, I only want this one. I love Vanilla, it is my favourite scent (together with strawberry). The Deodorant also has a long hold, sometimes the scent is still there. It is not only in the UK available, the German story DM also has it. Which made me extremly happy

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea. This product their scent is so amazing. It smells so fresh and it is perfect for the summer. The Body Sorbet is not like a body butter, it is less as thick as the most Body Butters and it is refreshing. You can put it in the fridge for a more refreshing feeling. This is perfect for the summer.

Balea Water Spray. Another refreshing favourite, I really like this summer is the Balea Water Spray. It is just bottle with water which you can spray on your body, but it is so nice! When it is hot and I want to feel a bit refreshed I use this spray.


Catrice Eyebrow Set. Two weeks ago I got my eyebrows done, because I really wanted to make my eyebrows a bit darker. But I didn’t want them painted, so I chose to get them done and us this set. You have a mirror in it, two colours of brown. One light and one darker one. A pincett and eyebrow brush. I use the light one for my eyebrows and it looks fine.

Rimmel Provocalips, 200 I’ll Call You & 500 Kiss Me You Fool. 200 is the pink one and 500 is the red one. Both colours are beautiful, but 200 I’ll Call You is more suitable for the day and 500 Kiss Me You Fool is more for going out. I love these lip colours because they stay so well on your lips. They are really kiss proof! The survive food and drinks, but ofcourse they will fade away a bit. The only hard thing is to remove the colour. It takes me a lot of effort to get it of properly and one time my lips got little wounds, because of the scrubbing. I did not find a good remover yet.

Movie of the month.


What a surprise: Insurgent is my movie of the month. I won’t write much about this movie now, because I did a review about it. I will say I love this movie.


Book of the month.

DSC00235My favourite book of this month is: The Test by Joelle Charbonneau. This book is about a Test. This test was designed after the Seven Stages War. The next generation is chosen to rebuild the planet. Cia Vale is chosen to go on a test for her chance to go to Collega. Her father tells her that is can’t trust anyone. She has to face some difficult tests in order to get to the college. She has to find someone who she can trust or will she follow her farthers advice.

I love this book, because it was so good written, that I could go on and on and on. If I really get into a book it is difficult for me to stop reading. This book it sounds boring, but the tests Cia has to face aren’t any normal tests. Some things will shock you, but some things will also surprise to. If  you like The Hunger Games, you will like this one to. Especially Cia’s last test looks like The Hunger Games a bit.

Tv-show of the month.


Once Upon A Time is my favourite serie to watch this month. I started season 3 and I’m almost done with it. I’m watching Once Upon A Time at Netflix. Currently they only have 3 seasons but I know soon season 4 will be on Netflix. I can’t wait for it. After Season 1 it was a bit hard to get to season 2, but season 3 is better again! Once Upon A Time is about the fairytales we all know. Only some are a bit different from how we know it and all the character are cursed to Storybrooke by Regina. The Evil Queen.

These are my favourites from August!

Thank you for reading,