Eurovision in Concert 2016

Eurovision in Concert 2016

On Saturday the 9th of April Eurovision in Concert was held in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. 26 of the 43 countries participated in this event. I had an amazing day with my friends and I even got to meet my friends from Twitter. Personal pictures are on my instagram account (AllTimeFionax). Today I want to give you a review from each country that participated in this event. The videos I used are from the Eurovision In Concert YouTube, all rights belong to them! Pictures are made by me.



Minus One – Alter Ego. 

First country to sing was Cyprus and I already had Cyprus in my favorites, because it is a rock song. I like the song live, but not as much as I do when I hear the studio version. The vocals are good, to be honest better as expected. There aren’t much Rock songs in Eurovision at all, but this is the best one this year!



ManuElla – Blue And Red.

Slovenia was second to perform. I really dislike this song, especially the lyrics. Vocally she is good, but this song does nothing with me and she couldn’t convice me at all on the concert.



Ovidiu Anton – Moment Of Silence.

I am not sure about this song, sometimes I don’t like it and sometimes I like it. His performance didn’t convince me at all. His vocals were good, but it is nothing special. Romania has been disqualified! Which means we won’t see Ovidiu in May. I feel sorry for the artist, because he did all his work for nothing!



Eneda Tarifa – Fairytale.

She suprised me to be honest, because I wasn’t as bad as I expected! I still don’t like the song, but she did sing a lot better. The live version is better as the studio version.

United Kingdom.


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone.

These two guys are so charming! I loved their performance at Eurovision in Concert. This song has been growing on me the past few weeks and seeing this live made me love it even more! It is really catchy and the past week I have been singing this song a lot.



Rykka – Last Of Our Kind.

To be honest she surprised me with her vocals, but she didn’t convince me either. I find this song boring and eventhought she sung good I didn’t feel this song at all.



Ivan – Help You Fly.

I kinda start to like this song to be honest. Ivan live was good and I really like the style of this song. He isn’t the best live, but it was nice to see him perform. I listen to this song more and more. He was actually wearing clothes, gladly.



Lidia Isac – Falling Stars.

I didn’t like her performance at all. Vocals were ok, but nothing special. I don’t like her song either. It was nice to see her live, but it didn’t change my opinion.



Greta Salome – Hear Them Calling.

Greta was amazing at Eurovision In Concert. She started her performance with playing the violin and after that the song started. I knew this performance would be good, but seeing this song live made me even love it more! This could be a possible darkhorse at the Eurovision and I really hope she will do good!



Highway – The Real Thing.

What a mess! I really don’t want to say bad things about this, but I really don’t like it. The performance was such a mess and this song is definitly a no go for me. They didn’t convice me at all! I expected a lot more from them to be honest.



Hovi Star – Made Of Stars.

Since the revamp I absolutly adore this song! This song is so beautiful and Hovi sings so good live. He totally conviced me on saturday! I love Hovi his personality.



Sanja Vučić ZAA – Goodbye (Shelter).

I am sad that how much I try to like this song, but somehow I just can’t like it! Sanja is really good live and her performance was amazing. I just don’t feel the song at all. Which is a shame.



Michael Spzak – Color of Your Life.

When I heard this song for the first time I disliked it, but I catch myself singing this song a lot. I start to like this song, however I didn’t like his performance that much. I loved the part where the public starts singing along with the ohohoh parts. Vocals were okay.



Zoë – Loin D’ici.

This girl conviced me so much on saturday that she became one of my favourites! She got an amazing applause, which she deserved! She is so good live and I totally fell in love with this song. I never throughout she would became one of my favorites.



Jüri – Play.

The guy with the amazing and unique voice. This song live is amazing, his voice is amazing. I love his voice so so much. This is one of my top Favorites this year!



Jamala – 1944.

Eventhought this song isn’t in my favorites, I liked her performance! After listening to this song again I am starting to like it more and more. She is really good live and I think this song could do good in May.

Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Dalal & Deen Feat. Ana Rucner & Jala – Ljubav Je.

I like this song, because this song is in their own language. I didn’t like the rap part. I didn’t expect a lot, but I really liked it. Even the rap part! The only thing I didn’t like is that Jala was walking on the stage and it felt like he was waiting until the song was finally over.



Nina Kraljic – Lighthouse.

This was the first time that I heard the Croatian song live. Croatia has been in my favorites since I heard it. I must say I am impressed. Nina is really good live and with a good staging she could do really good. I also loved her dress and it was perfect for this song.

The Netherlands.


Douwe Bob – Slow Down.

I knew Douwe Bob would give an amazing performance and he is just a great performer. This song grew so much on me the past weeks and I think it will do good in Stockholm. It is so different from all the other songs.



Ira Losco – Walk On Water.

Before the concert I wasn’t sure if I liked Malta or not, but after the concert I knew I liked Malta. Ira is a good singer and hopefully she will do something with her performance, because she was just walking on stage.



Justs – Heartbeat.

This performance was just amazing! I even loved it more that the studio version. Justs is amazing and I love this song so much. Aminata did a good job.



Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime.

Back in 2010 I already loved Poli with her song Na Inat, sadly she didn’t reach the final. This year I love her song even more. She had an amazing performance and I can’t wait to see her performance in May. This song also grew on me.



Francesca Michielin – No Degree Of Separation.

I like the Italian song, but the performance on ESC in Concert wasn’t that good. The bass was too loud and because of that I couldn’t her Francesca at all. It was a dissapointment, because I was excited for the Italian song.



Amir – J’ai Cherché.

I was excited to the Amir live! I just love this song so much, everytime I hear this song I immediatly get a mood boost. It also feels like I fall in love over and over again. This was my favorite performance of the night and Amir is very charming.



Kaliopi – Dona.

Kaliopi is an amazing artiest, she performed good. Unfortunaly I don’t like her song at all. It is amazing that she sings in her own language.



Barei – Say Yay.

This song has grown so much on me and seeing this live made me even love it more. She is amazing live and I love her dance moves. Great choice to let her end the show