Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Vacation Day 5: Day Off

Tuesday 08-09-2015

This day started around half past 7. The longest time we could sleep this week. It is also the day that I didn’t make much pictures, because we didn’t do much.

Outfit today: Blue printed top with shorts and birckenstock in the morning. For swimming I had a playsuit and evening a coral dress.

After breakfast we went to the centre of Diano Marina, because there was a market with clothes, jewellry, shoes, bags, etc. It was a 15 minute walk to the centre.

The first thing I bought was a selfie stick. I said I never buy one of these things, but I found out it was kinda handy! I didn’t use it at much. I also bought a dress, pictures of this dress will follow in my shoplog.

20150908_130059 20150908_130045

After we walked on the market, we went into the city to go ourselfs some lunch. Together with a couple from our bus. After the lunch we went back to our hotel and I changed into a bikini for swimming.


The rest of the day we were at the swimming pool until 6 o’clock. After that I changed into a dress for diner.


After diner we walked on the boulevard.

DSC00407 DSCF1275

When we came back from walking, I decided that I would get a cocktail called Frozen Pineapple Magaritha. The cocktail was a bit to strong for me, because there was to much tequila in the cocktail. When we walked back to the hotel room, I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I learned my lesson and didn’t take a cocktail in the hotel anymore.


It was a very relaxed day and after yesterday it was good that we have a day off! Tomorrow the blogpost from Rapallo and Portofino will be up!