Travel Wishlist #1


Everyone has a travel wishlist right? Today I will show you mine, because I actually do have a lot of places or countries that I really want to visit. Last year I went to one of the cities I had on this wishlist (twice!) and that was London. London is such a pretty city and I really have to go back soon! (maybe in december, hopefully). Anyways let’s talk about the places or countries that I did not yet went to!


One of the countries that I really want to see is Sweden and Stockholm. From what I saw Sweden is such a beautiful country and they have some pretty good artists to! That just had to be said. Anyways what is visiting Sweden without Stockholm. Since London I got more interested in Capitals. Even thought I like the countryside too. And Eurovision is in Sweden next year! So if you want to go to Eurovision and visit Stockholm, you better go.


Another city that I want to visit is New York.  Who doesn’t want to visit New York!? Well there is one thing I have to do before I actually can go to New York. Overcome my fear for flying. Yes I am scared of flying, but I do want go fly someday, but maybe let’s start a bit shorter.


Well I have been to Croatia a few times now, but there is one place I didn’t visit yet and I really really really want to visit it. It is called the Plitvice Lakes. Seriously if you love nature or not, visit it! It pretty much only lakes and water, but it is so so beautiful. The water is so clear and everything is so pretty.

These are pretty much the countries and places that are on top of my list! I really hope I will visit these countries and places someday.