August Favourites

Happy 1st of September!! Summer is kinda over now, but for today we go back to August 2015, just for one more time. It is time for my august favourites.

Beautyproducts & Make – Up.

My favourite beauty products from this month are:


Impuls Vanilla Kisses Deodorant. Last year I bought this deodorant in London, but I had more deodorants which I used before this one. Now I’m using this one, I only want this one. I love Vanilla, it is my favourite scent (together with strawberry). The Deodorant also has a long hold, sometimes the scent is still there. It is not only in the UK available, the German story DM also has it. Which made me extremly happy

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea. This product their scent is so amazing. It smells so fresh and it is perfect for the summer. The Body Sorbet is not like a body butter, it is less as thick as the most Body Butters and it is refreshing. You can put it in the fridge for a more refreshing feeling. This is perfect for the summer.

Balea Water Spray. Another refreshing favourite, I really like this summer is the Balea Water Spray. It is just bottle with water which you can spray on your body, but it is so nice! When it is hot and I want to feel a bit refreshed I use this spray.


Catrice Eyebrow Set. Two weeks ago I got my eyebrows done, because I really wanted to make my eyebrows a bit darker. But I didn’t want them painted, so I chose to get them done and us this set. You have a mirror in it, two colours of brown. One light and one darker one. A pincett and eyebrow brush. I use the light one for my eyebrows and it looks fine.

Rimmel Provocalips, 200 I’ll Call You & 500 Kiss Me You Fool. 200 is the pink one and 500 is the red one. Both colours are beautiful, but 200 I’ll Call You is more suitable for the day and 500 Kiss Me You Fool is more for going out. I love these lip colours because they stay so well on your lips. They are really kiss proof! The survive food and drinks, but ofcourse they will fade away a bit. The only hard thing is to remove the colour. It takes me a lot of effort to get it of properly and one time my lips got little wounds, because of the scrubbing. I did not find a good remover yet.

Movie of the month.


What a surprise: Insurgent is my movie of the month. I won’t write much about this movie now, because I did a review about it. I will say I love this movie.

Book of the month.

DSC00235My favourite book of this month is: The Test by Joelle Charbonneau. This book is about a Test. This test was designed after the Seven Stages War. The next generation is chosen to rebuild the planet. Cia Vale is chosen to go on a test for her chance to go to Collega. Her father tells her that is can’t trust anyone. She has to face some difficult tests in order to get to the college. She has to find someone who she can trust or will she follow her farthers advice.

I love this book, because it was so good written, that I could go on and on and on. If I really get into a book it is difficult for me to stop reading. This book it sounds boring, but the tests Cia has to face aren’t any normal tests. Some things will shock you, but some things will also surprise to. If  you like The Hunger Games, you will like this one to. Especially Cia’s last test looks like The Hunger Games a bit.

Tv-show of the month.


Once Upon A Time is my favourite serie to watch this month. I started season 3 and I’m almost done with it. I’m watching Once Upon A Time at Netflix. Currently they only have 3 seasons but I know soon season 4 will be on Netflix. I can’t wait for it. After Season 1 it was a bit hard to get to season 2, but season 3 is better again! Once Upon A Time is about the fairytales we all know. Only some are a bit different from how we know it and all the character are cursed to Storybrooke by Regina. The Evil Queen.

These are my favourites from August!

Thank you for reading,




Plog Friday 28th of august.

My first plog on this blog! Yay! It seems easy to just make some pictures of what you are doing, but it wasn’t. At one point I forgot to make pictures. So here is my short plog of my day. My pictures are made by my phone, some may be a bit blurry. I am sorry in advance.


I started my day around 7:45, because we were going to primark. Friday was my day off. I showered and this is my everyday make up box. Everything I need was in there.


Make up and outfit done. I am ready to go! My hair is a bit shorter then I had the past few months, but I love it this short!


My trainticket. Since I am not a student anymore, I don’t have a free travelling card anymore, so I buy these ones. It is cheaper than buying a normal ticket.


Train station!


My favourite blogger from the UK Gabby, she brought out a Primark home collection. Sadly the things I really wanted were sold out. So I bought this one. Primark in Eindhoven this time didn’t had much clothing that I liked. I bought some new clothes but not much. You will see later on in this plog. An other reason I didn’t buy much was, because that there was much Autumn clothes already and I was still looking for some summer clothes. Because we are going on vacation.


After Primark we went for some lunch at KFC and did some more shopping. On our way back we stopped by at Starbucks ofcourse. I love Starbucks, if the city were I go has a Starbucks I need to go.


Back home and on our way again!


It was a were sunny day on friday, I liked that! Today was also a great day, but a bit to hot for me! And I love my hamsa necklace, it is so cute!


My Primark haul! Bought 2 tops, 1 shirt. one pyjama shirt and pants, the quote rom gabby, earrings, underwear, bandeau top.


After three and half years simple plan is back with a new video clip and some familiar faces are in it! Yay!


Watching Pewdiepie in a weird costume playing a horror game! I love when he is scared and I laugh way to hard about it.


Removing my make up with Garnier Micellair water and using my new bodybutter.


Look how unused it looks!
The rest of the evening I watched some tv. I watched The Woman In Black 2, which was extremly boring and I watched one episode of Once Upon A Time

This was my first plog and I hope you like it! See you next time!

Music of the month: August.

I know it is not the end of August, but I really wanted to show you my music favourites of this month. There are only three days left in this month, so I thought why not do my music favourites of this month. Let’s start.


Adam Lambert – Ghost Town

First favourite song of this month is by Adam Lambert. Adam is one of the artists I know a bit longer and I always loved his music. So when I heard that Adam was making a new album I got excited. I’ve been listening to Ghost Town a lot, especially this month.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk – The Other Line.

It has been two months since Jera On Air. A Festival in Ysselsteyn. My friend wanted to see this band, so we checked them out. This band made me think of my favourite band All Time Low. Ofcourse they are so different and they are so nice! I had to chance to meet them at Jera, because they did a signing.  Since Jera On Air I have been listening to this French band a lot.

Enter Shikari – Torn Apart. 

Another band that I love after Jera On Air. Enter Shikari! Their show was pretty awesome on Jera. I knew Enter Shikari before Jera, but I haven’t listened to them a lot before. After Jera I immediatly downloaded their album and put it on my ipod and now their are in my favourites!

Bring Me The Horizon – Throne.

When I heard Drown, the single before Throne on the radio. I was blown away and I had no clue which band was singing this, but is was so good. I used shazam and I saw it was Bring Me The Horizon. Last month they announced Throne and when I heard Throne, I was once again blown away! Their album is coming out in September and I can’t wait for it! It is going to be so good!

Kensington – Riddles.

A Dutch band! I think Kensington is one of the best Dutch bands now a days! This song is all over the Dutch radios, you can not miss it! I love the song and every single time it comes on the radio, my volume goes up and I’m singing along! For me this is the best song Kensington made so far!

A Day To Remember – End Of Me. 

Thank you again Jera On Air for letting A Day To Remember coming to this festival. Without it, I wouldn’t know A Day To Remember! Before Jera I was checking up some of their songs. This song came out as my personal favourite, but after Jera I haven’t listening to them much. This month I have been listening to them more and more. I wanted to share this song with you, because this song is a masterpiece! Everytime I listen to this song, I’m like this song is so good and goosebumps. This feeling I have from the start and It keeps coming back everytime! I can relate with this song, that is one of the reasons I love this song so so much!

These are my August favourites. If you want, check them out and tell me what do you think of these songs!