In 2014 Eurovision was hosted by Denmark. Denmark decided to organize the contest in Copenhagen, their capital. Their theme was: Join Us.

Austria won the contest with Conchita Würst. Her song was called Rise Like A Phoenix. Conchita wasn’t in my favourites that year, I just didn’t like the song. She won with 290 points.

2014 was also the year that The Common Linnets became second. I didn’t expect this at all and when they were announcing the points, I was so nervous and I really wished they won the contest. For me they were the actual winners.

10. Israel.


 Mei Finegold – Same Heart.

Mei Finegold

This song is amazing and I really love the voice of Mei. The problem with her voice is you either think it is good or really bad. You have to get used to her voice. Still it was a big shock that she didn’t reach the final. I expected this song to be in the top 10.

Israel didn’t reach the final and they became 14th in semi 2 with 19 points.

09. Norway.


Carl Espen – Silent Storm.

Carl Espen

This guy can sing with so much emotion, that he gives me goosebumps. This is one of the ballads that I love so much! He has such a pure voice and the performance is perfect for this song.

Norway reached the final and they got the 8th place with 88 points.

08. Ukraine.


Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock.


I disliked this song when I first heard it, but then Mariya revamped her song and it became amazing. After 2008 this song is one of my favourite Ukrainian entries since I watch the Eurovision. It is really catchy and her vocals are good.

Ukraine reached the final and they got the 6th place with 113 points.

07. Finland.


Softengine – Something Better.


When I first heard this song I wasn’t sure if I liked or not, but this music is my kind of music. And I really love bands. They remind me off my favourite band. After I listened this song a few times, this song became one of my favourites. It is definitly my favourite Finnish entry!

Finland reached the final and they got the 11th place with 72 points

06. Denmark.


Basim – Cliché Love Song.


This song is so catchy and his voice is amazing. He has such a cute voice. It reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars and it was a really good choice to send Basim to Eurovision. This song makes me so happy and I just can’t help it to sing along.

Denmark was already in the final and they got the 9th place with 74 points.

05. Romania.


Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle.

Paula seling & ovi

4 years after Playing With Fire, Paula Seling & Ovi decided to go to Eurovision again. Everyoone was happy, because they knew the song would be good. I really like the song, but Playing With Fire is still my favourite entry. I still don’t get the round piano.

Romania reached the final and they got the 12th place with 72 points.

04. Hungary.


András Kallay-Saunders – Running.


Back in 2014 this was my winner, now there is an other country that I think should have won. I still love the song a lot, vocals live weren’t that good all the time. I also love the lyrics of this song. I can understand why this was my winner in 2014.

Hungary reached the final and they got the 5th place with 143 points.

03. Armenia.


ARAM MP3 – Not Alone

Aram mp3

I really love the progress of this song. It starts really small and quiet, but then suddenly it grows bigger. To be honest the singing at the beginning isn’t that good, but I really love the singing at the end. This was so different then all the other songs.

Armenia reached the final and they got the 4th place with 174 points.

02. Montenegro


Sergej Cetkovic – Moj Svijet.

Sergej Cetkovic

Here I am again with a traditional Balkan song in their own language. I could listen to this song for hours. I find this so beautiful, eventhought I don’t understand anything. This song is brilliant and I was dissapointed that it wasn’t placed that high. This song should have be in the top 10.

Montenegro reached the final and they only got the 19th place with 37 points.

01. Sweden


Sanna Nielsen – Undo


I still can’t believe I didn’t like this song at the beginning. After listening to this in the semi-finals it became my favourite to win. This song was the best ballad they had that year. I love how you hear the people sing along. It was also a dream for Sanna to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest and she did it. She should have been my number one in 2014

Sweden reached the final and they got the 3th place with 218 points

What is your top 10? 

Please respect my opinion. 


One thought on “Eurovision 2014 Top 10

  1. My #1 was Hungary and I really liked Norway, that ballad had so much emotion in it, and I liked Softengine and Basim too. Didnt like Sanna’s and Conchita’s songs at all. Our entry, Common Linnets surprised me. Song was so boring on the radio but their staging was so perfect! That made the song stand out amongst the rest that year. And we all know that they were an example for entries in 2015 😀

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