Music Of The Month March

It is time for Music Of The Month! I will warn you this is an Eurovision Edition. I have only one song that has nothing to do with Eurovision. I didn’t just pick any songs from the Eurovision. Only my top favourite songs and one song didn’t even made it to Eurovision. If you love discovering new music, please stick around!

Amir – J’ai Cherché

This is the French entry for Eurovision and currently it is in my top 3. Everytime I listen to this song I fall in love over and over again. I really love the french and english parts and I love the intro. Sadly they had to cut the intro out, because of the 3 minute rule. France has never been so high in my eurovision top and next month I am going to see him live.

Sergey Lazarev – You’re The Only One.

Sergey is my favourite Russian singer and when they announced that he would go to Eurovision for Russia in december I was really happy. Early this month they released the song. This song is my favourite song so far. I was scared he would dissapoint me, but he didn’t. I like the style of the song and it is a typical Sergey song.

Robin Bengtsson – Constellation Prize.

This is my favourite entry in Melodifestivalen. Sadly Sweden this year won’t be in my favourites. This song is so good and I really love the lyrics of it. Also I love the harmonica. I love to listen to this song in my car with full volume. Robin has really beautiful eyes.

Justs – Heartbeat.

I love the Latvian song, but the song keeps switching between my 3th and 4th place. I love the style of this song and the voice from Justs The songwriter from this song is last years participant Aminata. I was pretty sure this song would win, because it was the best song and they kicked out my favourite before the final.

Bring Me the Horizon – Follow You. 

Because this month I mainly listened to Eurovision songs I am not up to date with my other bands or the top 40 music here. That is why I was really happy that Bring Me The Horizon released the video of Follow You. It is a strange video, but I love the song. It is not my favourite from their latest album, but I love the whole album in general.


Eurovision 2010 Top 10

Eurovision 2010 Top 10

After Norway winning in 2009 the contest was held in Oslo. That year had a theme again: Share The Moment. In 2010 I started to watch some pre-selections one of them was the Norwegian pre-selection and the other one was the German one.

In 2010 Germany won the contest, which was a surprise for me. They won with Lena – Satelitte. Germany is in my top 10, that is why you will read more later on!

Top 10.

10. Moldova.


Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away.

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira

The vocals on this song aren’t really that good, but the epic sax guy just makes the song better. Oh and don’t forget the spinning guy with the violin at the beginning of this song! I prefer the studio version, but they still got the 10th place. I really love the style of this song. Back in 2010, most of the people knew this song, because of the epic sax guy.

Moldova reached the final and they got the 21st place with 27  points.

09. Serbia


Milan Stankovic – Ovo Je Balkan.

Milan Stankovic

This song is my Eurovision 2010 guilty pleasure! Everytime I listened to this song I got a smile on my face. Also this song is in Serbian, which means I like the more! I heard this song for the first time in the semi finals and it grew on me.

Serbia reached the final and they got 13th place with 72 points.

08. Armenia.


Eva Rivas – Apricot Stone

Eva Rivas

This song is a really good song, but I don’t love it as much as I used to. Armenia was much higher in my favourites back in 2010. I still like the song and her performance. Her vocals are fine, but the song lost it’s magic.

Armenia reached the final and they got the 7th place with 141 points.

07. Denmark.


Chanée & N’evergreen – In A Moment Like This.

Chanee & N evergreen

Hello Denmark, welcome back again to my top 10. This song  also lost a few places in my top 10. I really miss the time where I loved this song, but now I feel there is something missing and I think the spark between them is missing. Vocals are great and I like the performance.

Denmark reached the final and they got the 4th place with 149 points

06. Greece.


Giorgos Alkaios & Friends – OPA.

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends

When I heard this song for the first time, I was a fan. Greece made sure there was a bit of a party in Oslo! It is so catchy and it is so easy to remember this! Eventhought it is in Greek. If I listen to this song, I can’t help it but I will sing along. Everybody Say: OPA!

Greece reached the final and they got the 8th place with 140 points.

05. Germany


Lena – Satellite.


Germany was the winner of Eurovision 2010 and I didn’t expect it to happen at all. But Europe loved Lena and Germany won. In 2010  I didn’t like this song as much as I do now! Now I finally can see why Lena won. She just had a different look, performance and song. Back then it was between Germany and Turkey and I really wanted Turkey to win.

Germany is a part of the Big 5 which means they were already in the Grand Final. Germany won the contest with 246 points.

04. Turkey.


MaNga – We Could Be The Same.


Yes, they only got my 4th place, because I just like my top 3 a little bit more! I wanted them to win this so bad. Sadly they got second, but they did very well. I knew them before Eurovision, because the won a MTV EMA award. I want more of these song in Eurovision, beause these songs are so rare! Someone please send a rock song!

Turkey reached the final and they got 2nd with 170 points.

03. Belgium.


Tom Dice – Me And My Guitar.

Tom Dice

2010 was the year Belgium managed to reach the final with the most simple song. Belgium showed Europe that you don’t need a big show to do good in Eurovision. I love this song so much, because it is just simple. Vocals are really good. I enjoy this song a lot and I am so glad that this song did well. Tom Dice is very charming!

Belgium reached the final and they got the 6th place with 143 points.

02. Romania.


Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire.

Paula Seling & Ovi

This song is such a catchy song and I love the vibes between Paula & Ovi. I loved their performance especially with the piano. I don’t know how it looked in the arena, because they were looking at each other, most of the time. Paula Seling has a good voice! When I heard this song live for the first time, they became also one of my favourites that could win that year. I still had a clear winner, but I never expect my winner to actually win Eurovision!

Romania reached the final and they got the 3th place with 162  points.

01. Israel.


Harel Skaat – Milim.

Harel Skaat

This song I still my favourite and I still can’t believe it that I didn’t reach the top 10. For me this was my winner. This song is in Hebrew and it is so beautiful. From the first time I heard it, I was in love with song. Harel got the flue around Eurovision, that is why he couldn’t sing at his best. He also missed one note, which killed the whole song. After 6 years I still can’t get over the fact that this song is so beautiful!

Israel reached the final and they got the 14th place with 71 points.

What is your top 10?

Please respect my opinion and thank you for reading!

My Favourite Music Videos

Today I decided to talk about my favourite Music videos. I have several Music videos that I really like.

All Time Low – Somethings Gotta Give.

When I saw this video for the first time I was confused. Because in the beginning I didn’t understand why everyone was scared when they saw Alex. After seeing the whole video I understood it.

Sergey Lazarev – Tv or Radio.

When I first saw this video I couldn’t stop laughing, because this is so funny. It is my favourite Sergey Video. The song is good, but not as good as Sergeys normal songs.

Panic! At The Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa.

I love the style of this video and I believe this is my favourite Panic! At The Disco video of all time. Emperor’s New Clothes is a close second.

Fall Out Boy – Thanks For The Memories.

My first Fall Out Boy video and song that I heard from them. This video will be known for their apes.

Black Veil Brides – Goodbye Agony. 

I really love the apocalypse vibe in this video. It feels like this video could have been out of The Walking Dead. The only thing that is missing are the zombies. This is my favourite song from their latest album.

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Eurovision 2009 Top 10

Eurovision 2009 Top 10

Eurovision 2009 was held in Moscow, because Russia won the contest in 2008. 2009 was my second Eurovision year and I don’t know how, but I don’t remember much about it. It was hard for me to make this top 10, but I know I choosed the songs that I really liked! As I said in my Eurovision 2008 post every year has a theme, but in 2009 there was no theme. I actually didn’t know that.

Norway won the contest that year with Alexander Rybak, which means they were the new host country. Norway is in my top 10 and I will write about it later on. It’s time to show you my Eurovision 2009 top 10.

My Top 10.

10. United Kingdom.

united kingdom

Jade Ewen – It’s My Time.

Jade Ewen

In 2009 The United Kingdom decided to send Jade Ewen to Eurovision with a beautiful ballad. They really did a good job choosing her, because Europe loved the song and I do to. Even after all these year I still find this a beautiful song. For me it is the best song from the UK that I heard all these years. I’m not a big fan of ballads and that is why the UK only got the 10th place.

United Kingdom is part of the Big 5 which means they are always singing in the Grand Final. That year they got the 5th place with 173 points.

09. Lithuania.


Sasha Son – Love.

Sasha son

This song is in two languages, most of the song is in English and a little bit is in Russian. I really don’t like the Russian part, that is the point where I miss the emotion. They change that bit, because the contest was held in Russia. If the song was all in English it would be higher in my top 10. I do love it in English. Lithuania didn’t made it into the top 10 in the final.

Lithuania reached the final and they got the 23th place with 23 points.

08 Armenia.


Inga and Anush – Jan Jan.

Inga and Anush

Armenia decided to sing this song in two languages. Armenian and English and I must say I adore this song! I really love the melodies of this song, it is really traditional! This song is a great example that singing a song in two languages sounds really good! Back in 2009 I liked the song to, but not as much as I do now and it is great to hear this song again

Armenia reached the final and they got the 10th place with 92 points.

07. Greece.

Sakis rouvas

Sakis Rouvas – This Is Our Night.

In 2009 Sakis participated once again for Greece. In 2004 he participated for Greece too and he got the 3th place in the final. I must say I love his song from 2004 more than this song. Ofcourse Greece had to be in my top 10, because this was an amazing song. The performance was a bit busy in my opinion.

Greece reached the final and they got the 7th place with 120 points.

06. Turkey.


Hadise – Düm Tek Tek


I believe this song was in the race for being the winner, but I am not sure. Hadise is from Belgium but she participated for Turkey. I really love this song, I really like the melodies of this song. The only thing I don’t like is her background singers, especially the man. He doesn’t fit her voice. She should have changed her background singers.

Turkey reached the final and they got the 4th place with 177 points.



Aysel & Arash – Always.

Aysel & arash

2009 was the second year for Azerbaijan and once again they had an amazing song. I have been listening to this over and over again. I just love it and this song could have been a winner too! I love the melodies and I used to listen to this song all the time. I must say I don’t love it as much as I used to.

Azerbaijan reached the final and they got the 3th place with 207 points.

04. Bosnia &  Herzegovina.


Regina – Bistra Voda.


This is my favourite entry from Bosnia & Herzegovina ever! The main reason I love this song is because the song is in Bosnian. I just prefer songs in the own language and I also love their performance. Besides that the singer has just a really nice voice to listen to. For me this song should have been in the top 5. After the contest I have been listening to their other songs for a while.

Bosnia & Herzegovina reached the final and they got the 9th place with 106 points.

03. Denmark.


Brinck – Believe Again.


Welcome back Denmark to my top 10! If I have to choose one country which has been one of my favourites the most time, it is Denmark. The only year Denmark wasn’t in my favourites was last year (2015). Anways back to this song. This may be not the strongest song, but I just loved it from the moment I heard this song. I love the lyrics and Brinck his voice. I like these types of songs. I listened to this song so much and after all these years, this song gives me the same feeling as in 2009. This song was written by Ronan Keating!

Denmark reached the final and they got the 13th place with 74 points.

02. Iceland.


Yohanna – Is It True?


This song gives me goosebumps and it is so so beautiful. Yohanna’s vocals are perfect and I really enjoy listening to this song! The lyrics are beautiful and she deserved the second place! There was no way she could have defeated Norway.

Iceland reached the final and they got the 2nd place with 218 points.

01. Norway.


Alexander Rybak – Fairytale.

Alexander rybak

Norway, from a non favourite to my winner. Yes it is true! When I heard fairytale for the first time I didn’t like it. For me it was nothing special, but when he performed at Eurovision I fell in love with this song. Alexander Rybak is really cute and the song is so adorable. And the violin also makes this song so much better. This was the real Eurovision 2009 winner.

Norway reached the final and they won! Alexander got 387 points and he broke the record of having the most points! The voting was so predictable and it was obvious that he would win.

Tell me your top 10!

Please respect my opinion, thank you for reading!

10 random songs on my ipod

Today I want to introduce something new on my blog. Every once in a while I will do this blogpost. I am going to put my ipod on shuffle mode and I give you 10 random songs on my ipod. You will get a sneak peak into my music taste and what kind of music I listen a lot. There may be a few songs with the same band or artists in this list. Let’s start with the first 10 songs!

Avenged Sevenfold – Natural Born Killer.

All Time Low – My Only One.

All Time Low – The Edge Of Tonight.

Sleeping With Sirens – Go Go Go.

Panic! At The Disco – Hurricane.

You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever.

Imagine Dragons – Hear Me.

One Direction – Perfect.

Bastille – Sleepsong.

All Time Low – Bottle And A Beat.