Travel Wishlist #2

It is time for another Travel wishlist, because I added some countries onto my wishlist. Especially after I traveled to Italy, because I am really curious about some other cities in that country.


The first city I added to my travel wishlist is a city that I visited on my vacation. It is Milan. I just have been there for two hours, which is to short for this beautiful city, because we only did some quick shopping. I feel like there is so much to see in Milan. In the future I want to do a citytrip to Milan.

2006-04 - France

Another city I really want to go to is Paris. I went to Paris when I was a kid, but it was for Disneyland. Now I really want to see Paris itself. I really want to see the Eiffeltower, Arc De Triomphe and the Louvre. I also want to try macarons in Paris. The only thing that I can’t do is speak French, my french is not that good..


This place I saw on the Dutch Television, it is called the Azores. The Azores belong to Portugal, but the Azores are Islands. When I saw this on Dutch television, how beautiful it was, I really needed to know where the Azores were. This is the most recent place I added to my wishlist. When I will go to the Azores I want to visit all the Islands!


Last but not least I really want to visit Australia. I really would love to see this country! But I have to get over my flying fear, before I can go. I really want to see the nature and I want to see Sydney!

Which place you want to visit?


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